Akira Seuradge


Meet Akira, Pediatric Sleep Expert and founder of The Sleep Good Co. As a mother of three her experience with her own children’s sleep struggles along with unrealistic expectations of achieving parenthood perfection inspired her passion for helping parents raise good sleepers without compromising personal beliefs. The Sleep Good Co. is based out of Caledonia, Ontario and operates virtually worldwide helping families with sleep challenges on their own terms. 

Becoming a parent was not always a part of the plan for Akira, working in a fast paced corporate career but in 2016 after having her first of three daughters life began to slow down significantly and new and beautiful experiences began to guide how life would look from then on. To start her career in the sleep world, she completed extensive sleep education, receiving credentials from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, a global leader in pediatric sleep and parenting education. After working in the field for a few years she identified a gap. Many standard sleep coaching methods forced parents to choose between proven practices and their own intuitive parental response, which challenged some of these established approaches. 

The Sleep Good Co. was created to bridge that gap.

Where Akira once thought she would be making strides in the world of finance turned into a journey of personal self discovery and a passion for empowering a generation of parents who don’t worry about doing the “wrong thing” with sleep. Parents who are guilt-free about prioritizing their own sleep needs and their child’s emotional needs. 

In her sleep consulting practice she offers one on one support services and online classes to improve baby sleep. Whether you’re looking for a slower approach that improves sleep in gradual increments, you are seeking a step-by-step plan with specific goals and outcomes, or you fall somewhere in between The Sleep Good Co. is here for your unique individual situation.