Little girl’s nursery – Location inspiration!

Since September is the most common month to have a baby, that means many near due baby bumps are living loud and proud right about now. It also means that many mammas have the “decorate nursery” bullet on their to do list nagging them constantly. Knowing where to begin can be the hardest part, and for you here’s some inspiration for little girls rooms (one if my own) where geography inspired the design direction. 

Now let’s be honest, when you’re planning your baby’s nursery you don’t know what that kid’s personality, aspirations and interest will be so the room will instead reflect that of your own. Once you have an idea in mind think about what natural elements, imagery and animals you can include – then don’t overdo it. You can still have a big theme but let it live tastefully in the room. 

Pink mountains location inspiration baby girl nursery decor

This first space belongs to parents with a boatload of Canadian Pride, they are avid skiers and love the mountains. They loved the Canadiana concept, though they felt it to be a bit masculine and wanted a sweet girly quality to be reflected. 

The mountain theme is bold in with the wall motif but I like that it’s not overdone. Otherwise the décor is fairly simple with some sweet framed prints on the walls, stuffed bears and deer throughout and (my personal favorite) the subtle white rug that represents the snow. It’s just the right amount of mountain reference and visual balance having the bold accents paired with simple white walls and furniture.

decor accents
pops of pink baby girl nursery decor

The second room (and sorry in advance, I may be biased cause it’s my daughters nursery) is inspired from the opposite side of the world with a safari theme. My husband and I are (or we’re, pre baby) big travelers and it was important to us that we encourage life outside these walls for our little one. This was planned as a gender neutral room so the pop of color comes in the yellow. 

neutral nursery for baby girl

Again, you’ll notice that I did not want to overstate the theme. Aside from some stuffed animals and one image on the wall natural materials and texture are the driving force here. Continuity is achieved here with white, wicker or a walnut stained furniture. The back wall is cut MDF in a herringbone pattern painted white (which FYI was low cost but labor intensive). 

neutral nursery accents baby girl

Much like everything in life it’s all about balance! You want white, but not too white. Themed but not too themed. My take is don’t be afraid to make the statement you want, but be sure to counterweight that with natural materials and neutral tones. 

Happy nesting mamas.

Lara Young is the Principal of Lara Young Design, and also a new mom. Like many of us Lara is trying to find that quintessential work/life balance. Being her own boss is bringing Lara one-step closer to her dream. You can read Lara’s full bio, or contact her to help with your next design project here.

A Vintage Modern Nursery with Sunny Yellow Accents, Perfect for Twin Girls

“Time to build a tree house for Holden and I!”  was what Mike said when he found out we are having twin girls.  He and Holden are going to have to stick together because there is going to be  A LOT of estrogen in our  house.  After wrapping my head around having twin girls and the possibility of them being identical, I am thrilled.  Beau will have a lot of friends to play dolls with.

twinsI have been so excited picking out decor for the twins nursery.  I have also been crafting like crazy!  Just wait until I blog about Beau’s new room, it looks like Pinterest exploded in there!  Here’s a peek at what I have found so far for the twin’s room, as you can see I am being drawn to a sunny room with yellow accents.

IMG_0088I found this whimsical You Are My Sunshine print from HomeSense for $16.99 and these vases and metal artwork from Target, each UNDER $6.00!

I wanted to include this yellow vintage dress from when I was a baby, I am thinking I will find a repurposed picture frame to frame this dress on a wall.



IMG_0092I loved this pillow from HomeSense, nope I didn’t mirror the photo, it says you are sunshine backwards.  The new knobs and ready-made valance is from Target.  The mirror and bins are also from HomeSense.  These super soft bunnies are special in our house so we had to get new ones for the twins, from Indigo Chapters.  Please excuse me taking the photo in the mirror, it is hard to manoeuvre to get a good angle these days… as you can see in the next photo I am getting pretty big!