Nesting Story… The Blog

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I have made a big decision that feels really good, so it must be the right one. After a lot of discussion with Mike and a lot of thought on my end I have decided that Nesting Story will no longer be offering any services. Moving forward Nesting Story will solely be a design and parenting blog. Although many projects have been coming my way over the last six months and after pondering if I could take any one of them on I am finally being truthful to myself that my place right now is at home. Making that definitive decision has not only lifted a massive weight off my shoulders of trying to figure out childcare for our twins but I have a new found excitement about parenting and blogging. The ideas have been absolutely flowing and I have found myself putting more effort into our kids and our home.

I am such a busy body. I get that from my Dad. After retiring from physical medicine and being the chief of emergency for many years he is now a psychotherapist. When he is not busy working he is painting or gardening in his vegetable garden and then cooking up a storm making fancy soups and stews for my mom, skiing, cycling… you get the idea! I am the same way. I am constantly decorating and moving décor from room to room, entertaining, complete with elaborate table settings, crafting, gardening, painting etc… all on top of parenting four kids. Mike just watches me whirr around our home and knows to just let me do my thing. My mom came over a couple of days ago to hold babies and instead of taking a nap, my way to unwind was pull out everything from our china cabinet and rearrange it and incorporate our festive red and green vintage goblets. I know… crazy.

Ever since making the big blog decision a couple weeks ago I have been writing like crazy and while Mike has been observing my usual crazy crafty lady tangents he has started to comment; “you should blog about that”. Nesting Story will now not only be about children’s room décor but also family life, twins, design around our home, a little about me and some lifestyle blog posts here and there.  Have I said how excited I am?  As mentioned before, my posts may have obvious signs of sleep deprivation but that will just be proof of it’s authenticity.  My goal is to blog twice a week like I used to, and please feel free to share.

You will also notice that Nesting Story has undergone a bit of a facelift thanks to my web design genie from Brick Whale Creative.  One big change is the addition of headings and sub headings for my previous blog posts.  Have a look around, they are much easier to find now.

I’d also love to hear feedback from you in the comments section.  Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to blog about.  HERE WE GOOOOO!!!!!!!