Vlog Recap: What We Did Last Week (September 8 – 15)

reading to kids

This past week was a bit of a mixed bag. I was feeling the terrible twos with the twins hard, which was bringing Mike and I down a bit. But I had an epiphany which has changed my mindset and helped me cope with this difficult phase.

The older kids continued to binge on their iPads, so I created a new screen-time system which also has them helping more around the house. I am happy to report that it has worked beautifully.

I take you on a much-requested home tour, but this isn’t just any home tour, it’s a real one. What does that mean? I didn’t clean before-hand. Then on September 11th I remember and tell my story of where I was that day.

I ended our week with a really exciting excision… the Toronto Facebook office! There, I take you on a tour and introduce you to one of my favourite vlogging-mamas.

Welcome to our week…



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