Twin Nursery Tour and Tandem Feeding Video Tutorial – How To Master Night Feedings Without Help

Sarah Martin Photography016Sleep, eat, change, repeat… life with a newborn. Now try two.

Sarah Martin Photography013When I started to plan our twin’s nursery the first thing I did was research.  Aside from wanting a beautiful, serene and airy nursery I mostly wanted a practical space to enjoy night feedings and have that intimate one on one time with our girls.  I scoured twin websites, blogs, books and YouTube researching how you can manage two babies at once.  I had always prided myself on being very independent during night feedings when we had each of our older kids.  Not that my husband Mike wouldn’t get up, I didn’t want him to.  I like to be able to handle night feedings on my own.  That way my help is well rested and more useful during the day!  I tried to picture what nights would be like with twins, and the image in my mind was horrifying.  I knew I wanted to be able to feed both girls at once to cut down on time as much as possible and figuring out how to do this meant figuring out how to tandem feed, where to put both babies within arms reach and how to move each to the breast. Sarah Martin Photography014 You would think looking back on my first few weeks with twins would stir up feelings of trauma and the things nightmares are made of.  Instead I look back and those first weeks of getting up during the night with our girls as some of the most precious first memories.

Sarah Martin Photography008

All of my research paid off and I was able to master night feedings on day one at home.  I took the time and used the help given to me by my incredible team of nurses to perfect tandem feeding while spending four days in the hospital after Mia and Everly were born.  Keep in mind I had nursed two babies before our twins so I wasn’t having to learn how to nurse as well.  Be patient with yourself if these are your first babies.  It will come, it just takes time.

Sarah Martin Photography012

I am really excited about our nursery tour and tandem feeding tutorial because I had a very hard time finding detailed information on how to design a practical and functional twin nursery that supports tandem feeding while I was pregnant. This video is about the logistics of how to move both babies from cribs to feeding and back.  I know, I know my acting is incredible!  You can have your people contact my people for acting gigs…. ha!  I promise you I am not a robot.  Here it is: Mia and Everly’s nursery…

Photography by Sarah Martin Photography.  I will be blogging shorty about tips and tricks of how to decorate a nursery.  Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to Nesting Story and follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!