How to make transitioning your toddler into childcare a little easier

This post was created in partnership with Kids & Company.

No one likes change. At least, I know I don’t. For example, I love the idea of a vacation, but as soon as it begins, I crave routine.

My kids are no exception. Whether it’s vacation, a new babysitter, or starting a new day care, there is always a transition period.

But over the years, and transitioning four kids into day-care, with four different sets of needs and very different personalities, I’ve learned a few tricks on how to make transitions a little less painful, and a little more seamless.

twin toddler

The anticipation is torture. You know that saying “you just have to rip the band aid off?” This definitely applies to drop-off time at day-care. Although my kids are the absolute happiest when they have spent a day with their friends, creating art, reading books and playing outside, drop-off is never easy. Or at least, it is never easy for one of our twins, Mia.

I have now learned to quickly give Mia a hug and kiss and then pass her off to her teacher. I don’t hang around, or chat. I just get out of there.

At the end of the day I will sometimes peek through the door and watch Mia happily cutting up paper, handling her scissors with ease, while chatting away to her friends. Her teacher will then tell me that the tears lasted for less than a minute, and she had a blast the entire day.

Ease them in. Before starting our twins in day-care, when Mia and Everly were 15-months-old, we visited. In fact we visited a couple times. Seeing all of the other kids having fun and checking out all of the activities made it hard to get Mia and Everly to leave. Just dipping their toes in the water a couple of times made actually staying for a longer period of time way easier. Kids & Company offers a complimentary transition period where parents can join their child in the centre prior to their official start date to give them a soft landing, explore the environment together and give the teachers some insight on the child’s preferences and routines. And sometimes the child can stay for an hour or half day on their own to allow them to build familiarity and confidence.

Send a comfort item. All four of our kids have gone to some form of day-care, and all of our kids have had a comfort item to accompany them. This special “stuffy” (as we call them in our home), has been a total lifesaver. Having that special friend to cuddle up to that smells like home makes their day just that much easier.

Transitioning can be tough, but I always find that once you get to the other side and create a routine, life is so much sweeter.

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Whether it’s their Grab ‘n’Go snacks, parent workshops, or their complimentary care for date nights and shopping days outside of regular hours, nothing has been forgotten.

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