Our Family Almost Didn’t Make It To Summer Break

We just crawled to the finish line. Our last month before summer break was a doozy! We had such a healthy year and then crashed and burned in June. On top of our family having one illness after another, we were forced to face some big time parenting problem solving.

Having four kids… you can always expect a wobbly plate. You focus on that kid and get them sorted, then triage the family and move onto the next wobbly plate and so on. Well, somehow, some way we had four wobbly plates for an entire month before summer break.

It was so draining for me mentally and emotionally that it began to have a physical affect on my body. Phew. Despite the stress we pushed through and I am happy to say we have restored the peace in our home in time for the summer break. Watch as I share our journey and then implemented a system that helped us changed the narrative in our home and created a positive atmosphere…

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School’s Out For Summer!

Holden's GradutationIt’s official, Holden has graduated from Kindergarten and summer has officially begun. To be honest, summer makes me a little nervous, especially because I work from home. I have kept Beau in daycare for the summer because she has a blast there, but Holden will be home and he and I are making plans to keep him busy. Holden loves school and routine, so the relaxed summer attitude doesn’t fit perfectly with his personality. That is why we have made lots of plans to stay busy this summer.¬†Other than playing outside, taking day trips to farms and parks, we have a few other tricks up our sleeves.

To start, I have made sure our craft cupboard is stocked. Holden and I have a mutual love for arts and crafts, and this summer, we plan to get our craft on! Thank you to our friends at Parent Club for introducing us to the very awesome Boredom Busters craft books. We are loving the crafts in them that are not only fun and unique, but educational, which will help Holden prepare for grade one during the summer break.Summer CraftsSummer Craft BooksOur next summer adventure; camp! Day camp to be exact. Throughout the summer Holden will be getting to try a variety of summer programs with our friends at Camp Kids Town, here in Milton, Ontario. He will be trying out science, sports and video dance camp. I grew up going to over night camps and working at day camps, so the whole camp experience is so important to our family. Camp Kids TownI will be documenting our summer adventures on Instagram, so be sure to follow along!

Let the summer holidays begin!

This post is sponsored. Thank you to our friends at Parent Club for the Boredom Busters, and More Boredom Busters books. Also a big thanks to our friends at Camp Kids Town for allowing Holden to experience day camp there this summer.