A simple farmhouse inspired room refresh

Living room and dining room

When I was a child I would spend a lot of my summers at my grandparent’s cottage just outside of Wasaga Beach. My memories spent there were filled with long walks on the beach to the ice-cream parlour, movie nights while listening to thunderstorms roll past and pouring through my grandma’s decor magazines.

My grandma was a public speaker and absolutely loved decorating, especially with antiques. I see a lot of myself in her. My grandma always gave each room to her cottage a very country flair. In-fact she had a very impressive chicken and rooster collection.

Although I absolutely love adding early century modern, eclectic and sometimes classic elements to my home, my heart is always drawn back to a country-cottage feel. Although farmhouse decor and design is very nostalgic to me, there is something  about it that is extremely relaxing.

farmhouse refresh

Recently I was finding that every time I walked through our hallway and glanced at our living room/dining room, I would shudder. Our dining room table had become a dumping ground and the small plant on our fireplace mantle was dying a slow death.

I finally decided to give this room a quick refresh which would include a farmhouse flair. I dug up old mason jars and pulled out the Hearth and Hand runner I bought at Target while on my recent trip in California. A couple hours and a bundle of babies’ breath later, (which in my opinion is a very underrated flower), my room was not only transformed, but it now reflects the warm weather outside and is oh so airy and inviting.

spring fireplace mantle

farmhouse inspired refresh

farmhouse inspired refresh

Watch as I transform this room and share a couple tips on how to simply give your home a seasonal refresh.

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How To Add A Splash Of Spring To Your Decor

IMG_4778As soon as the snow melts each spring I can’t wait to refresh my decor and add some cheerful and fresh spring items. Here are a few examples of how you can add a little spring to the inside of your home.

1. Floral branches. I rarely add faux florals to our home. When I do I always make sure I don’t cheap out and find one that has realistic branches and don’t go overboard on the flowers.  They add a natural element without the upkeep and expense of real flowers.

2. A spring-themed vase. A vase with flower, butterfly or bird accents add a little springtime whimsy to an otherwise simple vase.bird decor 13. Add anything bird themed. For a few years now bird accents have been very trendy and bring a little life to your decor. Check out your local home decor store’s garden section. You will often find a variety of spring-themed decor there.

bird decor

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