The Easiest Spring Flower Table Decor DIY

Spring Flowers 4 table decor Whenever it comes to seasonal decor, I like to go the DIY route as much as possible while incorporating everyday pieces I already have. I always like to make sure the season outside is reflected inside my home, thinking past fall and winter. Here is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to add some spring and summer cheer to your table, (especially for Mother’s Day).

1. Grab a bunch of faux flowers. I tend to over-stock on my arts and craft supplies, so I had been waiting for an opportunity to use the flowers I had picked up at our local dollar store. Cut the stem off of each flower to prepare them.
Spring Flowers 12. Hot glue your flowers to clothes pins. Add a dab of hot glue near the centre of your clothes pin and hold one of your flowers there until it dries. Repeat using a different flower pushing them up together.
Spring Flowers 33. Clip your flower clothes pin to a napkin ring. Once the glue has dried, pull a cloth napkin through your existing napkin ring. Then add a cheerful splash of colour by clipping your clothes pin flower decor to the napkin ring.Spring Flowers7Spring Flowers 4Spring Flowers 2Don’t forget to LIKE Nesting Story on Facebook, and FOLLOW Nesting Story on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

How To Add A Splash Of Spring To Your Decor

IMG_4778As soon as the snow melts each spring I can’t wait to refresh my decor and add some cheerful and fresh spring items. Here are a few examples of how you can add a little spring to the inside of your home.

1. Floral branches. I rarely add faux florals to our home. When I do I always make sure I don’t cheap out and find one that has realistic branches and don’t go overboard on the flowers.  They add a natural element without the upkeep and expense of real flowers.

2. A spring-themed vase. A vase with flower, butterfly or bird accents add a little springtime whimsy to an otherwise simple vase.bird decor 13. Add anything bird themed. For a few years now bird accents have been very trendy and bring a little life to your decor. Check out your local home decor store’s garden section. You will often find a variety of spring-themed decor there.

bird decor

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