I Made A New Friend And Everly Finds Everything Hilarious (Vlog 7)

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On today’s vlog I decided last minute to head into Toronto and to visit with some friends while at a live YouTube show – Social Common Live. There I met a new friend, Corrie from The Baby Gang. You might recognize her.

Also, our kids make many cameos and find out what Everly thinks is so hilarious.

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New Website Sneak Peek, Exciting New Collaboration And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Nesting Story - Joanna VendittiSo let me start by saying I am this crazy mix of exhausted and super excited today. As some of you may know, I have been working around the clock the last few months redoing the blog, rebranding and giving a little more life to each of my social media platforms… sorry Pinterest, you are last on the list!

Although this is a super exciting time for Nesting Story, I am also fitting twice as much work into each day, (on top of the fact that I am a mom to four kids), which has been leaving me BURNT OUT. But I can finally say that the new site will be launching on April 1st. I feel like I am about to give birth! Here is a sneak peek…nesting story website sneak peek 2

A few of you have said that you are worried the blog is going to change too much. Don’t worry, the new site is going to be way more user friendly. You will be able to find what you are looking for a lot faster, and the most popular posts will be featured better.

Thank you to my dream team: Lucas (my web guy), Jonathan (my video guy), Mike (my Instagram husband) and Nesting Story’s very first team member, Sophie. Sophie will be heading up the marketing and business side of Nesting Story. So if you were thinking about collaborating with us, you can email Sophie at sophie@nestingstory.ca.

There’s lots of exciting stuff going on around here. Some new collaborations with brands I love, as well as you can now find me on Social Common as one of their creatives, along with a lot of other incredibly talented mom experts.

On top of that I will still be contributing regularly to Baby Center and Yummy Mummy Club.

Social Common’s focus is on You Tube, which is a platform that Nesting Story has been growing fast. I can’t wait to create some tip-based videos that you can find both on Nesting Story’s You Tube and on Social Common’s website.

Last but not least, it is St. Patrick’s day today, and since I am part Irish (my mom’s parents are from Belfast), I wanted to wish you a very happy St. Patrick’s day. Sorry, I didn’t do anything themed for my kids, I rely on their camps/school and daycare for that kind of effort.

Bunmi Laditan said it best today on her hilarious Facebook Live that you can watch here, I’ve enjoyed watching all of the exciting green food you have made for your kids today, but I am just applauding myself at this point that my kids are dressed and fed today.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Stay tuned, next week I will have another day in the life video. If you didn’t catch my last one, you can watch it here.

My Guest Appearance On Social Common Live

Social Common 2Last night I had the honor of being a guest on Social Common Live, hosted by Catherine and Natalie, out of Catherine’s home in Toronto. I have a bit of an obsession with these talented ladies’ You Tube show. There is something very real (and hilarious) about them, their perspective on motherhood and their chemistry. Oh, and by the way, between the three of us, we have ELEVEN CHILDREN! You may just see some collaborations between us in the future.

Catherine and Natalie often ask their guests, who typically comprise of bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers and a variety of experts, how they balance family and their career. Last night, we discussed how Nesting Story began, the viral frenzy that I experienced last spring, and the positives and negatives that came out of it. Watch it now…

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