How I Have Mastered Doing Laundry For Six People

Laundry day

I am the first to admit that there are some domestic skills I might be lacking in… ahem… cooking. But I have to say, I have actually mastered the laundry game.

For a long time, especially after our twins were born, I would get our laundry washed, but never folded or put away. The laundry would stay in piles, or half folded on our dining room table, and every morning was a scramble to find outfits for everyone and get out the door.


Now we have figured out a routine and laundry schedule that works for us. It requires a bit of teamwork, but it isn’t that hard.

I even found an incredible Pinterest organizational hack, that has changed my world when it comes to getting my kids ready for school in the morning. Here’s how…

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