Potty Training Chart DIY, the Dirtiest Parenting Job!

Whoever said girls are easier to potty train never had to potty train my daughter.  When it was time to potty train Holden I pretty much put a pair of underwear on him and we were done.  Beau on the other hand is a whole different animal.  I took an attempt at potty training number 5 last week and it was a disaster.  Not only did it seem like Beau was trying to mark her territory all over our house, but she pooped in her underwear twice.  I had her on the potty   constantly and was trying to be very clear to her about the process.  I think my breaking point was when I pulled down her pants and a present dropped right into my hand!  I have potty trained 4 puppies in the past and none of them including the accident prone Newfoundland was as difficult as my little princess.

IMG_5176After dropping Holden off at school today I walked home with new found determination and a fresh approach.  I decided to make a “potty training chart” for Beau and made one for Holden as well so he wouldn’t feel left out.  The chart is colour coded and works on a reward system using stickers.  So far, so good!  We have had tons of success so far, minus the puddle Beau left in Walmart today!




I would love to hear your potty training stories!  Please share!