Why Leaving My Family (For Three Days) Was AMAZING!!!

Mom 2.0 SummitLeaving my family for a few days to head to Mom 2.0 Summit was the best thing to happen to our whole family. Before leaving I was done. No more patience, no more sparkle, just done. My husband Mike and everyone in my little world could see that I needed to get away and recharge very badly.

Mom 2.0 Summit  2015, in Scottsdale, Arizona was the first of, I am sure, many more blogging conferences for me. Not only did I get to listen to, meet and talk with some of my biggest heros, I gained clarity for the future of Nesting Story. I was able to process the journey I have been on and reflect on how incredibly humbled I am by my loyal followers, you!
Women HerosHeres from top left: Amy Morrison of Pregnant Chicken, Molly Ringwald, Heather Armstrong of Dooce, Bunmi Laditan of The Honest ToddlerPhoenicianBeyond being inspired by my heros, I met some of the most incredibly strong, smart, beautiful and inspiring women, that I can now call my dear friends and mentors.
New Friends And MentorsFrom left: Annie Stow of Stowed Stuff, Luly Balepogi of Luly B and Aimee Helmand of Baby League.

Although in the back of my mind, I was wondering how my four little ones were doing back home with Mike, I knew that I would be back home again soon enough and to enjoy every second… which I did.

Upon arriving home, the kids were thrilled with all of the cool swag I had brought from Firefly, Dove, National Geographic Kids, Lansinoh and more. Each of my kids seemed a little older, especially Mia and Everly who seem to be growing up a little too fast. Beau is a little under the weather now, so the timing of my arrival home has been perfect, because we all know we only want our mamas when we are sick.

I can’t thank Mike enough for not only supporting me going, but cheering me on. Even sending me texts reminding me to “live it up.”Mike's textAbove all, I was able to focus on myself, which is rare when you have four kids. I was able to dress up and feel pretty, have nerdy blogging conversations with like-minded people instead of boring my girlfriends at home once again and rediscover who I am in this stage in life.

I come home feeling full of confidence, direction, joy, patience, inspiration and… sparkle.Joanna Venditti Nesting Story

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