How To Throw A Simply Adorable Girlie Princess Party

IMG_4206My little wild child Beau recently turned four.  She loves nothing more than to wrestle with Daddy, but I have have also never met anyone (other than myself) that loves nothing more than pretty dresses, princesses, nail polish, ballet, makeup and having her hair styled.  This year, for her fourth birthday I decided to give our busy house a break and head to a local princess party spot.  I am pretty sure Beau’s mind exploded when she walked in.  As I looked around I kept thinking how easily this type of princess party could be hosted in a home.  Here are all of the ingredients for a simply adorable girlie princess party:

1. Hire a princess to come and host your party.  If you have ever been to an all-girls party you will have noticed that you can hear a mouse squeak it’s so quiet.  Especially when they are in awe that Elsa is there.IMG_42052. Have a lot of dress up items on hand.  Borrow friends and family member’s dress up costumes and set up a rack of dresses and baskets of shoes.  Instead of the girls arriving in their own costumes, it’s a lot more exciting to have a lot of choices and get to try on different dresses and shoes throughout the party.collage 33.  Instead of loot bags, have containers of bulk candy and scoops.  Kids love to feel in control and be given choices.  This is a great way to involve them in making their own loot bags.collage 1

4. Have a tea party and coronation.  Break out the fine china and serve little sandwiches and treats.  Before cake have a coronation and crown the birthday girl as an “official princess” with her own little tiara.
cake5. Every party needs a little dancing.  Boogie on little princesses!
collage 2

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