Master Bedroom Final Reveal – One Room Challenge Week 8

This room… it symbolizes so much to me.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

It symbolizes change, a new beginning and that while the world is upside-down, I don’t have to go anywhere to find my peace, myself and my own happiness.

It’s my sanctuary.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

Although a ton of work, especially while having my four kids home during a global pandemic, I was determined to do this for myself. Inspired by places I’ve previously travelled to and the fact that we can’t just get up and travel right now, this beachy bedroom is everything.

Participating in the One Room Challenge for the first time was a great experience. There are so many incredibly talented people who participated and I strongly urge that you go and explore their spaces for endless home inspiration.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

I have dreamed about this accent wall forever. The shiplap, which is from Metrie was leftover from my basement project and I knew that it would find a home in my bedroom.

Shop the Metrie Modern Farmhouse shiplap here.

Let’s talk bedding. I began with the quilt and the accent pillow, finding both at HomeSense. The shams, duvet cover and throw are all from Urban Barn. Each has this rustic, somewhat bohemian feel that is exactly what I wanted. Also, climbing into a bed with fresh, white sheets after a hot bath is life-changing. I highly recommend it.

Shop the Darcy duvet set by Urban Barn here.

Shop the Zendaya Cotton Throw in Natural/Black by Urban Barn here.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

I decided to move my existing bedside table (which I had bought, plus my dresser, from the now closed Wicker Emporium years ago) to the other side of my bed. I needed a new piece for the side that is seen most but I didn’t want to get anything predictable.

I searched HomeSense initially finding a tall leggy, light blue side table. But when I brought it into the space I realized it was too small. My bed is very high and so is my existing bedside table, so I knew I needed to find something big, but open so that it wasn’t hiding so much of the beautiful accent wall.

I went back to HomeSense, circled many times and was starting to wonder if I would find anything, and then this bookshelf caught my eye. Could it? Would it? I decided to bring it home and WOW! It is probably one of my favourite pieces in my room.

I’ve always had a thing for bedroom wall sconces. There is something very boutique hotel feeling about them. When I found these simple black ones on Wayfair, I knew they were perfect. The back adds great contrast against the calming wall and shiplap colours from Behr.

Shop the Wayfair Trent Austin Design LeClair 1 Light Plug-in Swing Arm Sconces here.

Shop the wall colour – Behr Rhino 710E-3 in eggshell here.

Shop the shiplap colour – Behr Shoelace OR-W13 here.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

Shop the Wayfair Andover Mills Cy Upholstered Panelled Headboard in stone here.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

When thinking about adding an art piece above my bed, I knew I wanted texture. Initially I had my eye on the shallow basket wall art trend I had seen in so many places, but I was really trying to stay within a budget and everything I saw online was fairly pricey. I knew that would be something that I could probably find scouring thrift stores, but unfortunately at the time all stores were closed in my area.

This forced me to think outside the box, and I am so glad I did! I found this set of eight Cynthia Rowley placemats at HomeSense for only $14.99! I am obsessed. They not only add to the beachy feel, but the open weave lets the calming wall colour pop through.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

The sitting area near my T.V. had already existed. I am finding this is my quarantine FaceTime sweet-spot. I bought the chair and ottoman years ago from HomeSense and the curtains years ago from BouClair.

I had wanted a low bowl or tray for my electric fireplace for so long and when I saw this one at HomeSense I knew it was just right… plus it brought some natural wood into an area that needed some warmth.

Want to know a little secret? The wooden tray is a bit rounded, so I decided to use sticky tack to secure and level the candles.

Let’s talk plants for a second. All four plants are real. I am not a plant expert. I believe I have a fern and a majesty palm in there, but don’t ask me the other two’s names. Do I mist them? Do I water them? Say a prayer for this budding plant lady.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

What I can tell you is that the basket and stand are from HomeSense.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

The black and white photography was probably one of the first things that I found for this space and it really set the tone for the room.

Shop set of 3 black and white photography palm tree art by Dolom Art Prints on Etsy here.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

Shop black and white photography surfer art by Dolom Art Prints on Etsy here.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

I had initially hung a couple of the black and white photography pieces above the dresser that I already had, and something just seemed… off. I realized that what I needed in this hallway that leads to my master bathroom and workout room was a big punch of colour.

I was over the moon when I found this piece of art at HomeSense. It reminded me so much of one of the places that has served as a huge inspiration for this bedroom… Sanibel Island. I almost feel like I am walking out to the ocean, listening to the waves break and feeling the tall bits of grass brush against my ankles when I look at this.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

I wanted to keep bringing in a variety of textures in my bedroom and couldn’t believe how perfect this lamp and glass vase were, both from… you guessed it, HomeSense. Each pulling in a new texture and creating warmth had such a beechy, worn look to them. The faux wood diffuser from Rexall was a perfect addition to the accessories on my dresser and then height of each works so well.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

This hallway can tend to get a little dark, so having some extra light in this tucked away part of the space makes it feel cozy.

Beachy Master Bedroom Nesting Story

I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I am OBSESSED with my bedroom. I am so excited that I not only was able to bring my idea to life, but I even surpassed my expectations.

Beach House Master Bedroom Moodboard
Beach House Master Bedroom Moodboard

Watch as I share my master bedroom makeover reveal, and share more about my next chapter…

HomeSense Finds – One Room Challenge Week 6

This post is not sponsored by HomeSense… I just really like it. Enjoy!

Raise your hand if you ran to HomeSense as soon as they opened… *raises hand. After giving it a week for the crowds to die down a bit I went… twice!

I am so excited that I was able to find so many amazing pieces for my new beachy bedroom. I was thankfully able to get int and snag some amazing finds before the shelves were picked bare. Canadians love their HomeSense.

Work is definitely progressing in my bedroom and although I can’t travel somewhere warm right now, I feel like I am bringing the vacation to my home.

There is something very soothing about painting away the deep blues. It feels airy and light. There was always a heaviness that came with having a navy and denim bedroom.

Head over to the One Room Challenge to check out all of the designs and projects everyone is working on.

So let’s talk about my HomeSense finds, shall we?

For the longest time I have wanted a long tray or bowl to sit on top of my electric fireplace. I knew I wanted to introduce a new texture and went on the hunt for something made of metal or unfinished wood. I found this wooden tray in the kitchen area and immediately fell in love. I grabbed a bunch of white candles and it’s perfect.

Tip: Because the tray wasn’t completely flat inside, I used sticky tack to secure and level the candles.

I only wanted to give you a sneak peek of this new side table. I moved my existing side table to the other side and needed a new one that would fit the space well. I initially found a light blue table and brought it into the space quickly realizing it was way too narrow and short. My bed is very high and I wanted it to be as tall as the table on the opposite side.

So I went back to HomeSense and returned the light blue table continuing on my hunt. I finally came across this open bookshelf and thought, “could it be perfect?” I knew I needed to see it in my room to know for sure so I brought it home and was amazed at how this shelf fit and looked like it was made for this very spot. I also found this small vase that was a a perfect beachy accent. The circular line-work reminded me of waves.

Tip: You don’t have to match your bedside tables, the key is to keep them the same height. Get creative and think our of the box. Small bookshelves and trollies also make great side-tables.

I had already found some amazing prints on Etsy but knew I needed a bigger art piece with some colour to hang over my dresser. I couldn’t believe when I found this beach print. I reminded me so much of my real-life inspiration Sanibel Island. I cannot wait to hang it properly. This pop of colour was exactly what my room needed.

I wanted a lamp to sit on my dresser and found a distressed, metal lamp that not only added the seaside feel I wanted but also brought a new texture and material into the space which is something I’m always drawn to.

To finalize the decor on my dresser this sea-green odd shaped glass vase again brought a new texture into the room and looks great sitting beside my faux wood Rexall diffuser.

Tip: When bunching decor items together, remember to keep them different shapes, materials and height to create a cozier and more dynamic space.

Follow my bedroom redesign over on my Instastories in real time.

Gathering Goodies – One Room Challenge Week 4

Okay, so although this is only my second One Room Challenge blog post, it is technically week 4 of the ORC. What did I get done this week? Well, a whole lot of gathering of goodies.

Bedding? Check. Paint? Check. Plant? Check. Sconces? Check.

I have got most of the prints and am either waiting for more to be delivered, or waiting to find a few minutes to fix my jammed printer… Eeek!

But also, did you hear the news? HomeSenses across Canada are opening up. Apparently people are lining up with lawn chairs outside of them. I’m obviously not the only one who has dearly missed HomeSense during quarantine. I think I will wait a week or two to go to avoid waiting a long time in lines.

Head over to the One Room Challenge to check out all of the designs and projects everyone is working on.

So I know, this might not be the most exciting update, but I promise, things are moving along and I will post the links to everything soon. Some weeks I am just trying to get by with all of the hats I am wearing while parenting four kids during a global pandemic. Because above all else, creating a stress-free and happy environment for all of us is the most important goal.

See you next week… hopefully by then there will be some paint on the walls!

Beach House Master Bedroom – One Room Challenge Kick Off

It’s time for a change.

The world is currently a little upside-down. There’s a global pandemic, we are all quarantined, plus I am navigating a new chapter of my life right now.

More on that eventually.

I think we are all looking at our homes through a new lens at the moment. Hopefully you are seeing yours as a safe-haven instead of a prison. I think quarantine has made me fall in love with my home all over again. I am so thankful that my family is lucky enough to be able to stay home and social distance while not worrying about job security. I am very, very grateful.

I had been planning on making over my master bedroom for a couple of years now. It’s just so blue, which makes me feel kind of heavy and low. When I initially planned out this colour palette I didn’t really think it would have that impact on me. I thought it would feel cozy and calming.

I had started to tear apart my room before deciding to participate in the One Room Challenge, so I didn’t get a chance to take before photos. Luckily I have screenshots from videos I have filmed in my room. I told you it was VERY blue.

master bedroom before
master bedroom before

So, I decided to take the One Room Challenge and document this transformation. I’ve never done the One Room Challenge before, hopefully I am doing this right. But I’ve watched so many of my talented blogger friends participate in the past and knew this was something I wanted to do one day. Luckily the timing of this makeover is lining up perfectly with the Spring 2020 ORC.

So, here we go!

Head over to the One Room Challenge to check out all of the designs and projects everyone is working on.

I want my new bedroom to feel fresh, airy and like I am on vacation. I’ve always felt drawn to beachy vibes, whether it’s fashion, or design. There’s something very nostalgic and comforting about the beach. It is probably because some of my favourite memories are vacationing with my family on Sanibel Island, Florida. It’s my happy place.

I think this will also give me the feeling like I’ve been transported to a different world when I am in my room. At a time when travel is banned, creating a paradise in my own home is a must.

I’ve begun to pull together photography, bedding, a plant, lighting and paint colours. More on details on each of these next week. But for now, take a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Beach House Master Bedroom Moodboard
Beach House Master Bedroom Moodboard

I look forward to keeping you up to date each week with this beautiful transformation.