Blogging after 4 kids

image-15I have been struggling the past few months with finding time to write on Nesting Story’s blog… understandably so.  Anytime I would sit down to write I wouldn’t know where to start. In one sense I felt like I had too much to write about and other times I was drawing a blank. So I just decided to take a break and focus on organizing life at home.

Now, for the first time since finding out I was pregnant a year ago almost exactly I feel like I am ready to not only return to blogging but enjoy it like I used to. Only this time it will be more organic and dynamic. Less forced and more personal. I have spent many hours over the last few months, most during night feedings struggling with organizing all of the thoughts and ideas I have about Nesting Story, motherhood and life as a creative and artistic person. I have been trying to fit it into a box and map out a really specific path for my business. But I have decided that especially while my kids are so young to let it take me where it naturally goes and document the journey on my blog.

So here it is world, some posts may be about art, decor and great finds, others may be about parenting: twins, advice, life lessons and venting. Posts may document times past from when I was pregnant with my twins to those very first days they joined our family.  Some may also just be about where I fit into the mix. My posts may not be perfect and some obvious signs of sleep deprivation may be very apparent but at least you will know it is coming from a very honest and real place.

So stay tuned… this could be very interesting!