14 Hand Painted Murals that Create a Wow Factor in Children’s Rooms and Playrooms

Hand painted murals can add something to a children’s room that can make kids feel like they are in their very own fairy tale.  The possibilities are limitless.  Whether adding a sports theme, favourite characters or sleeping under the stars, hand painted murals can turn a room into a fantasy world.

wall_mural_ideas_for_girls_bedrommRLH Studio


By Nesting Story

0c716c6c0e97b89e_3647-w406-h406-b0-p0--contemporary-kidsBy Anita Roll


By Anita Roll

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By Nesting Story


By Jeff Huckaby Specialty Painting


Robin McGarry Interior Design

Nemo Mural 4

By Nesting Story


Schrader and Companies


By Nesting Story


Williamsburg Homes


JAC Interiors


By Renee MackMurray


By Renee MacMurray

Nesting Story specializes in design and hand painted murals for children’s rooms in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, the GTA and surrounding areas.  Contact Nesting Story for a complimentary consultation.

A Mural Comes to Life!

Nesting Story began with my children’s murals and bloomed from there.  I love meeting with a new client and hearing their exciting ideas and plans for their child’s room.  Sometimes the child is older and has a lot of great ideas to add, other times the little one hasn’t arrived yet and I am meeting with very excited parents-to-be.  Whatever the case may be and whoever my little client is, there is a lot of thought and love that goes into each mural I paint.  I wanted to show how the process works and maybe inspire you along the way!

Step 1: The Initial Consultation

I like to meet with potential clients in person whenever possible.  It gives me a better feel as to what they have been thinking about and it is very helpful to see the space.  Any kind of inspirational images that can be brought to this meeting is also very helpful.  From this point I can create the concept sketch.

Step 2: The Concept Sketch

I take all of the elements and ideas that are going into the mural and create a concept sketch.  Each Item is named and numbered.



Step 3: Sketch and Layout on Walls

Once the concept sketch has been approved it is time to start.  Most of the time the walls need to be painted a base colour.  This needs to be done before the mural can start.  I would be happy to recommend a painter for this process.  Using small inspirational images and the concept sketch I then freehand draw the mural on to the wall.  Once the sketch on the wall has been approved it is time to start painting.

IMG_3840    IMG_3841  IMG_3843     IMG_3844


Step 4: Painting the Mural

It is time to paint!  I use acrylic (not oil) based paints which dry quickly and do not give off fumes.  I usually like to get the overall colours on first and leave the details until the end.

IMG_3846    IMG_3845IMG_3847    IMG_3849IMG_3851 


Step 5: The Finished Product

At the end I add the finishing touches including highlights and shadows.  Then… ta da!  The mural is done and ready for your little one to enjoy!

IMG_3861     IMG_3864IMG_3865     IMG_3867