5 Nail Polish Colours You Need To Try This Summer

5 nail polish colours to try this summer.

When you’re busy, finding time to put yourself together can be challenging. One of my favourite ways to spend my self-care time is doing my nails. I’ll usually do it after I’ve put the baby to bed, with a glass of wine, and while it may seem simple, you’d be surprised how effective having your nails done can be at making you feel easily put together!

There is always such a huge selection of nail polish colours available that trying to pick a colour can be so hard! Don’t worry, I’ve picked the top 5, most universal colours that are guaranteed to suit everyone and anyone. These are my favourite nail polishes ranging from neutral and discrete, to bright and bold.

A little nail polish is an easy way for a busy mom to feel more put-together.

OPI- Lisbon Wants Moor

If I could only wear one colour for the rest of my life, this would be it. It’s a beautiful creamy pale pink with neutral undertones. It’s the kind of colour that doesn’t look washed out on lighter skin tones and pops on darker skin tones. It’s a great colour if you just want an everyday polish that goes with everything. The classic pale pink and a staple for any nail polish collection.

Essie- Clothing Optional

If you are looking for the perfect dark neutral colour, look no further! This sienna brown toned polish the perfect compliment to every outfit. It’s flattering on every skin tone, in every light, with every outfit. I love this colour going into the end of summer and beginning of fall when the temperature starts to drop and I start pulling out my comfy sweaters.

OPI- Gelato On My Mind

For a bright colour that is still discrete, Gelato On My Mind is your colour. It’s an almost robin egg blue which is bright enough to feel different than your neutrals but is still modest enough not to draw too much attention. It’s a great starter colour for the ladies looking to slowly step out of their comfort zone and try something different!

China Glaze- Pool Party

This colour is NOT for the faint of heart. It’s the brightest, boldest, and most beautiful tangerine orange nail polish I have ever seen. It is perfect for the summer months and guaranteed to be noticed when you wear it! The formula is great but it does best with a glossy topcoat as it dries down matte.

Sally Hansen- Strobe Light

No best nail polishes list would be complete without a glitter polish! Sally Hansen’s Strobe Light polish is the only glitter you will ever need. For a subtle look, apply one layer on a clean nail but to amp it up, apply a couple of coats for a more opaque colour. You can also layer it on top of your favourite colour to give a different look to your usual solid colour!

Choosing the right nail polish.

Finding ways to feel put together doesn’t have to mean spending hours on your makeup everyday or having perfectly styled hair! Something as simple as having your nails done can make a huge difference. Bonus, you can do it at home which is super cost-effective for the mama’s on a budget. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more quick makeup tips that you can add to your everyday makeup routine, check out www.elysemorency.com. You can also find Elyse on Instagram at www.instagram.com/elysemor/ where she talks about the real and raw life of motherhood and makeup!

Has Spring Sprung? Nesting Story’s Warm Weather Picks!

Well… we have officially entered into the first week of spring but here in Canada it has snowed all week!  Wait, what is this bright light coming through my windows this morning?  Is it actually sunshine?  My almost vampire children who have been cooped up with cabin fever all winter are more than ready to get outside.  This allusive morning sunshine got me daydreaming about summer which I have to remind myself will eventually come… swimming, cottaging, bike rides… can’t wait!  So I thought this would be the perfect time to share Nesting Story’s picks for summer…. enjoy!


I found quite a few items from I Play, a company that prides itself of constantly finding ways to make baby products healthy for our children and the earth.  I am in love with these lace less rubber shoes that are PVC free from I Play!  A refreshing alternative to my other go to summer shoe, Crocks.  I prefer closed-toe shoes to open toes sandals to protect those little piggys from catching and causing scraped knees.  I Play also carries a great series of sunglasses that come in a soft plastic that won’t break when bent and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.  I Play has thought of everything, including a built in diaper in their children’s swimwear!

shoes-summer-sneakers-navy-380_2 rashguard-girl-mod-icecream_1 sunglasses-flexible-round-lav


Another great summer must have is Piggy Paint nail polish.  Piggy Paint’s nail polish is non-toxic, kid friendly and odorless.  A perfect loot bag gift idea for a kid’s summer birthday party!


We can’t forget the SPF!  Original Sprout carries a vegan sunscreen that is family friendly and toxin free.  Excellent for baby’s sensitive skin.


If you are planning on spending time at a cottage this summer then you will have to get your wee one a life jacket.  The Salus Nimbus Children’s Vest is designed for comfort so your little one will be happy to keep it on!


Each of the products above can be purchased from Simply Green Baby, either from their online store or in their adorable and green shop located in Oakville, Ontario. Visit www.simplygreenbaby.com for more information.

One more summer pick I had to include was the Appaman children’s sunglasses.  Appaman’s sunglasses are made with 100% Acrylic Frame and UV400 Coated Polycarbonate Lens.  You can find these bad boys at the hippest children’s boutique around… Jet Baby located in Oakville, Ontario.

          sunglasses 1        IMG_0549         sunglasses 2