DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candles

Christmas Candles 2 Final

Mason jars have made a huge comeback lately.  I think there is a homemade, back-to-basics feel  about mason jars that is making them popular again.  Mason jars take me back to the days of my childhood when our house would be filled with the comforting smell of tomato butter simmering in pots on the stove.  Tomato butter was my mom’s specialty!

I have created some super simple and cheap mason jar Christmas candles that anyone can create.  Pssst… the candles are battery operated so on days when my kids are keeping me busy and I forget to turn them off, not to worry.

Mason Jar Edit Final

To create a variety in height to my mason jars I used a couple tall recycled pasta sauce jars and I bought the short jars at a local dollar store.

Candle and snowI placed the battery operated votive candles in the jars and using paper as a funnel I poured the shredded snow around the votive candles.  Both the candles and snow were purchased at a dollar store.  The slightly larger votive candles work better than tea lights because you can fit more snow in the jar.

Pine Cone Edit FinalChoose some small ornaments to decorate the jar.  Make sure they have a string attached to hang them.Twine Final

Take some twine and simply tie the ornaments around the neck of the jar finishing with a bow.  This collection of candles would look fantastic on a mantle or table.  I like to keep mine on a shelf in a hutch because they create the illusion of a candles glowing but they are safe and tidy.

Final 2


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Happy Holidays!