Mamas for Mamas


Written by Rachel Grey, Mamas for Mamas Executive Resource Coordinator – Eastern Canada

When Joanna and I first connected about being a part of the Mamas movement I could have jumped up and down on my couch! I probably actually did (think Tom Cruise & Oprah Winfrey circa 2005). The reason I was so moved is because Mamas for Mamas truly is an organization build upon the kindness of others and I knew how much kindness she had to give.

Most of those working for Mamas for Mamas do that out of the goodness of their heart and selflessly donate their time to giving a hands-up to other mothers in their community. Many of these volunteers are women, and also happen to be mothers. We all share some level of common experience which allows us to give from a place of love and empathy. Whether it’s struggling to pay the bills that month, or having to decide between new clothes or a full fridge, paying for daycare, or just trying to balance the very real demands of motherhood. And that is how Mamas for Mamas continues to grow across Canada, with a vision of growing to local communities all across Canada. And I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful partnership than with Nesting Story.

I first became involved with Mamas for Mamas in 2017 after having my second child and I was home with two daughters under 3. There were so many things happening in the world. There was the continuation of the #MeToo movement, travel bans and other political travesties, and environmental disasters seemed to be hitting at record speed. And I felt like I was just sitting by. I needed to find a deeper purpose, where I could make a real impact in the lives of those around me.

I reached out to Mamas for Mamas to ask “What can I do? How can I help?” And I was afforded the opportunity to open the first remote chapters in Ontario including Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton areas. And that was the beginning of how we have continued to grow across Canada. Every day we open new remote chapters which reside in the digital world on Facebook to help bring resources to all mothers in their community. Taking away the financial currency and replacing it with trading, swapping, borrowing, giving and donating, we have made it so “the only currency you need it kindness.” And irregardless of level of need, all mothers can access the resources they need to help reduce the financial and social burdens that can be associated with motherhood.

We have continued to grow with remote chapters in Toronto and London and are always looking for ambitious kindness ambassadors who would like to open a chapter in their local community. Additionally, in 2019 we are opening our arms to Resource Coordinators in communities across Canada who compile information about all the services in their area including sustainable nourishment, clothing, food services, housing, childcare and more so we can act as a national database for mothers needing to access resources.

We have huge plans for growth in the years to come and dream of having a bricks and mortar location in the GTA so we may replicate all the goodness that happens at our head office location in Kelowna BC with “The Karma Market” where mothers may visit and find items that they need to better provide for their families.

Every day our team grows, our vision grows and amazing brands help to support our mission. When women work together we have the power to create the most incredible vision for the future. And that is what we are doing. Putting one foot in front of the other in order to make life a little less burdensome as we navigate the realities of the juggling act we live as mamas. We often say that it “takes a village,” and this couldn’t feel any more true that being surrounded by the vision of Mamas for Mamas everyday.

Rachel Gray @femmepowerup

Executive Resource Coordinator – Eastern Canada

Mamas for Mamas @mamasformamas