Finally Decluttering My Kitchen Cupboards – Konmari Method

The pandemic kind of froze me in time. I still had areas in my home where I had piled books, and school work and the valentines crafts brought home from school. I just couldn’t face it. One of those areas that was haunting me was an area in my kitchen.

My catch-all counter and the cupboards surrounding it was full of stuff… old paperwork, expired medicine mixed in with new, batteries, reciepts…. all of it.

This clutter has been weighing heavily on me for years. Add on my kids’ school ending abruptly in March and it felt like a constant reminder that we were always just to the left of life feeling normal.

Over the past two weeks I faced this daunting decluttering task and didn’t hold back. I dealt with it all and was able to get rid of most of it. I finally feel like I am moving forward.

Watch as I declutter this area of my home in a two-part series. This will be sure to motivate you to do the same!

What’s Inside My Cupboards? Plus A Little More About Holden’s Diagnosis (Vlog 11)


In today’s vlog I document phase one of my big house purge… my kitchen. See what’s inside my cupboards and what exciting DIY project we will be doing soon.

Also, I talk a little more about Holden’s Central Auditory Processing Disorder diagnosis.

In case you missed it, you can read more about Holden and CAPD here: Holden’s Diagnosis – Auditory Processing Disorder and here: With Early Intervention My Child Has Gone From Hating Life To Being The Life Of The Party.

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