A Kid’s Custom Bunk Bed Design That I LOVE!

When I picture a dream room for my kids I often envision stylish and imaginative built-in bunk beds.  A lot of wonderful memories from my childhood are filled with vacations alongside my two older brothers and my younger sister.  When on these vacations, whether it was Christmas in Florida or ski trips in a lodge, my sister and I would love sharing a room.  Our time would be filled with giggles and make believe.  So when I stumble across a fantastic design like this I can just imagine the fun the children inhabiting this room must have!

beach-style-kidsThis colourful beach house kid’s bedroom by Andra Birkerts Interior Design is a perfect mix of nautical, modern and elegance.


4 Creative Storage Ideas for your Child’s Room or Nursery

I was recently perusing Project Nursery, one of my favourite websites for nursery ideas and came across these creative and unique storage ideas.  From peg boards to shelves doubling as whimsical swings; these original and practical ideas will surely get your creative juices flowing!


project nursery hudson creative storageProject nursery roman's nursery10022


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