Happy Holidays From Nesting Story!

We have been walloped by a major ice storm here in the GTA and our family feels very blessed to still have our power.  Presents are wrapped and under the tree and the kids are bubbling with anticipation for Christmas morning. When it comes to decorating my home I avoid sparkles at all costs; my husband strongly detests sparkles and the mess that goes along with them.  I tend to lean towards the homemade traditional green and red themes.  Here is a peek at some of my Christmas DIY decorations:

Below: a dollar store bucket, filled with birch tree branches, faux evergreen, a few pinecones and some battery powered Christmas lights.  Under $20.00

Presentation3This one was very easy, cheap and fast: I recycled a bunch of mason jars, varying in sizes and added some twine, pinecones, faux snow and battery powered tea lights.  They create a very cozy glowing effect.  Under $10.00

IMG_5417This is another example of a way to use a variety of sizes of vases and battery powered candles.

Under $40.00


IMG_5419Is it a constant battle in your home keeping your kids away from your tree?  Here is a little trick I figured out last year.  Set up a mini kid’s Christmas tree adorned with non-breakable ornaments and allow your kids to move the ornaments around as much as they please.