How To Manage Bath Time With Twins (And An Older Sibling)

IMG_3425 edit 2When I was expecting our twins and researching like crazy, one thing I kept trying to play out in my head was how I was going to bath two babies while somehow including our daughter Beau.  Initially I had pictured this idealistic assembly line scenario with Beau in the big tub while I bath one twin and then the other switching them out from a bouncy chair.  In reality bathing two babies alone is an exhausting task and the last thing I needed to do was add a child to the mix.  In the later part of my pregnancy I had my husband Mike take over the big kids baths and that is something he has continued… thank goodness!  Here is how I bath both babies while keeping Beau entertained.  In case you haven’t noticed yet, I like to be SUPER efficient and I always try to include Beau in the process while Holden is at school and Mike is at work.  I typically bath our twins 2-3 times a week with sponge baths on the other days.  Like I said doing a full bath is exhausting and a bit of a back breaker.  I haven’t figured out any ways to speed up the process much other than staying organized and thinking a few steps ahead.  Here is how I tackle bath time.  This may seem like a no brainer but I think just hearing how someone approaches it at home (instead of the quick lesson you get in the hospital) could help any new mom.

The first thing you are going to want to do is prepare the bathroom.  This includes a changing spot with towels either on the floor or counter top with moisturizer, clean diapers, a clean change of clothes and a brush.  You will want to have your baby bath drawn and beside the bath have your cloths and soap ready.  You will probably be using cotton balls to clean your newborn baby’s eye’s first so have a couple of those beside the tub as well.  A trick to warm the room if its chilly is run a hot shower for a bit first and keep the door closed, just make sure when you fill the tub you check the temperature and keep the water close to body temperature.  You can test the water by dipping your elbow in it.

bath 2

For the first month or so you will want to keep your newborn swaddled without a diaper to stay warm while you wash their face and hair.  The other twin can be waiting in the bathroom buckled into a bouncy chair.  To keep from cross contaminating, you want to wet and squeeze the water out of a cotton ball wiping the first eye from the inside out, discarding the used cotton ball after.  Repeat with a fresh cotton ball for the other eye.  Then you will take a cloth and wet the hair, lather with baby shampoo and use the cloth or a small container to rinse the water out.  Then you would proceed to un-swaddle, place him/her in the tub and wash the rest of your baby with a cloth.

Everly's first bath at home

Once your munchkins are a little older you may want to have the second twin wait near the door on a blanket or if they are mobile continue to use the bouncy chair or a Bumbo chair for safety reasons.  Keep that second baby within sight and sing a little while you are bathing their twin if they are getting impatient.  Beau likes to pretend she’s a little mommy, so she copies what I do with her little baby doll.  I make a little spot out of the way on the floor with a toy bath and I give her some soap so she can bath her doll.  This is a great activity for her to participate in without being in the way and you are not waiting for your older child’s naptime to bath the babies.  Don’t forget that if your older child is a boy this is great activity for him too!  Half the time Holden wants to help Beau bath her baby.  Let’s face it, toddler nap times are sacred, the last thing you need to do is use it up bathing your twins.  bath 3When your wee one is a little older you will put them right into the baby bath and probably just use a clean cloth for their eyes.  Remember to start with the cleanest part of the body (their eyes), finishing with the dirtiest (their bottom).bath 5

When you are all done bathing your little one, carefully lift your baby out and carry them to your changing spot.  Your baby is going to be super slippery so make sure you have a tight grip and be prepared to hold them against your body to carry them, (wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little wet).  Dry that baby off, moisturize (if necessary), dress (including a hat to keep them warm when they are brand new) and repeat with their twin.  You can start bathing two babies at the same time when they can sit up independently (around 6-8 months of age).  A great way to transition your babies is using an inflatable tub you can place both in.

*Twin tip: I have found that it is best to do the bathing process on a full tummy with twins because there is a lot of waiting involved.  Yes, you may get a little spit-up but that is better than feeling rushed because the other baby is screaming.

If you have any great tips or tricks you have figured out to help make bath time easier please share them in the comments section!

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