Easing Back Into My Morning Workouts

Getting back to working outSince December, my workouts have been spotty. I hit it hard at the end of 2015 and then took some time off, (other than some ab work), while away for three weeks. When I got back from Florida I was ready to pick up where I left off, but I injured my lower back (I will post about that next week).

I was pretty bummed when I was instructed to not workout for two weeks. But, now I am healed and ready to go.

I have been trying to get back to my 6 a.m. workouts this week, and slowly but surely it’s happening… even if its just some light resistance training in baggy sweats and bare feet.

No matter how early I get up, Holden and Beau always seem to find me. It was cute at first, but I eventually made a rule that they give me my time until 7 a.m., which I think is pretty reasonable. IMG_1157I am also overhauling my eating habits. I am working at keeping our kitchen stocked with quick, yummy and healthy options, plus I am mastering some healthy meals that are simple and don’t take too much work to prepare or clean up afterwards. healthy lunchI am sticking with my plan of not making weight loss my number one goal. I am trying to focus on some other tasks this year and having a healthier routine will just be part of my lifestyle.

Today the elevator was not working at Mia and Everly’s daycare and I had to carry two 25 pound toddlers up two flights of stairs at once, (these stairs were a little too steep for them to manage on their own). By the time I got to their daycare I couldn’t catch my breath.

Next week I plan to increase my intensity and consistency with my exercise. I think I should be sweating a little more than I did this week. It’s been 18 months since I gave birth to my twins and I still feel like I have a postpartum body. I have been pretty relaxed, but I would really like to gain some strength back.

I am really excited to do this for me and to see where 2016 takes me.