Vlog Recap: What We Did Last Week (September 8 – 15)

reading to kids

This past week was a bit of a mixed bag. I was feeling the terrible twos with the twins hard, which was bringing Mike and I down a bit. But I had an epiphany which has changed my mindset and helped me cope with this difficult phase.

The older kids continued to binge on their iPads, so I created a new screen-time system which also has them helping more around the house. I am happy to report that it has worked beautifully.

I take you on a much-requested home tour, but this isn’t just any home tour, it’s a real one. What does that mean? I didn’t clean before-hand. Then on September 11th I remember and tell my story of where I was that day.

I ended our week with a really exciting excision… the Toronto Facebook office! There, I take you on a tour and introduce you to one of my favourite vlogging-mamas.

Welcome to our week…



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Our Family Is Daily Vlogging In September! This Is What We Did Last Week…

Four Kids

You may have heard… we have lost our marbles and have decided to film, edit and upload a new video each day to our YouTube channel this month.

Why? Well, you’re why. We love our community so much, we wanted to invite you into our world on a daily basis for the month of September.

We are starting school, hitting new milestones and always keeping it very, very REAL!

From meltdowns (both with the kids and the adults) to exciting moments and silliness, we aren’t holding back.

So grab your popcorn and check out what we were up to last week…

Thursday September 1

Friday September 2

Saturday September 3

Sunday September 4

Monday September 5

Tuesday September 6

Wednesday September 7

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