Beau’s Vibrant Big Girl Room

Before we started working on the twin’s nursery, Mike and I really wanted to make sure that the older kids weren’t forgotten.  We have been in our new house now for over a year and we wanted to make sure that Holden and Beau had beautiful completed rooms that reflected their personalities.  So, it was project kids rooms throughout my whole first trimester.  I relied on Mike a lot to do the painting and implementing but as you will see, I used a lot of my hours I logged on the couch while super sick crafting.

Mike and I were feeling a bit of guilt when it came to Beau’s room.  She was getting evicted from her huge room with an ensuite and window seat into a much smaller room and a jack and jill bathroom she would be sharing with her big brother.  The funny thing is, she loves her new room so much more than her old one.  Beau “the destructor” was constantly tearing apart her old room.  Her new room is so pretty and really reflects her vibrant personality that she takes so much pride in it and hasn’t even thought about trashing it.

Beau’s third birthday was fast approaching and we made sure that we made a big fuss with a ballet themed party since she had been a bit shafted last year.  I used that opportunity to created tissue paper puffs, and a customized BEAU felt banner that I could double as decor for her party and her room.  In the end we are beyond thrilled with the outcome!


I mixed some prints to give a more eclectic bohemian vibe.  I used a series of flower art, a yarn wreath and  button “B” I created along with a gifted piece of art to create a small gallery wall.  The tissue paper puffs work beautifully in the corner.

Beau partyThe felt banner worked so well both for Beau’s party and for her room!

close up 3

close up 1

One last DIY I did for Beau’s room was I transformed her existing lamp.  Inspired by Pottery Barn Kid’s floral lamps I ended up hot gluing a ton of faux flowers onto her plain lamp shade and was thrilled with the outcome!

close up 2

Happy Holidays From Nesting Story!

We have been walloped by a major ice storm here in the GTA and our family feels very blessed to still have our power.  Presents are wrapped and under the tree and the kids are bubbling with anticipation for Christmas morning. When it comes to decorating my home I avoid sparkles at all costs; my husband strongly detests sparkles and the mess that goes along with them.  I tend to lean towards the homemade traditional green and red themes.  Here is a peek at some of my Christmas DIY decorations:

Below: a dollar store bucket, filled with birch tree branches, faux evergreen, a few pinecones and some battery powered Christmas lights.  Under $20.00

Presentation3This one was very easy, cheap and fast: I recycled a bunch of mason jars, varying in sizes and added some twine, pinecones, faux snow and battery powered tea lights.  They create a very cozy glowing effect.  Under $10.00

IMG_5417This is another example of a way to use a variety of sizes of vases and battery powered candles.

Under $40.00


IMG_5419Is it a constant battle in your home keeping your kids away from your tree?  Here is a little trick I figured out last year.  Set up a mini kid’s Christmas tree adorned with non-breakable ornaments and allow your kids to move the ornaments around as much as they please.


3 DIY Kid’s Decor Ideas I wish I’d Thought Of!

collage 1I found these easy, fast and lovely kid’s decor DIY ideas while scanning some of my favourite blogs and design websites.  Are you as blown away as I am?  Let the creative juices flow….

How did I not think of this one before?  Turn some flash cards into a banner.  Cheap, easy, fast and a lot of impact.  You can find this clever DIY on House and Home.

kidsroom_art_2These sweet vibrant paper birdhouses remind me of the birdhouses my grandfather used to build and my grandmother would add hand painted embellishments.  I think the branch wallpaper adds some imaginative and whimsical detail.  You can find the template on Karmuca & Coquino.

kids-decor-diy-birdhouses-pip-studioHow fun is this Lego letter?  I found this idea on Boys Germs.  Most dollar stores sell letters this size.  Pick out some fun logo with the kiddos, pull out your hot glue gun and off you go!

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DIY Tutorial: Beech and Surf Inspired Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath, Kid’s and Teen’s Room Decor

IMG_4178This is a fresh tropical twist on one of my favourite crafty projects: yarn wreaths.  Yes, I know, I am constantly drawn to surf themed decor.  Maybe that is me escaping cold Canadian winters in my mind and my home!

These shell and felt tropical flowers give the wreath a youthful feel fit for a teen’s room.  You will need a wreath form, yarn, felt, shell beads, fishing line, thread, a needle and hot glue.  Start by wrapping your wreath form in yarn; this is an excellent evening activity after your kids are in bed, the T.V. is on and your brain is off!IMG_5088

Now you can make your flowers.  This is pretty simple but a bit fiddly.  First, cut your petals.  There really is no right or wrong way, I even skipped the paper stencil and used the first one I cut as a stencil.  Then you will string your petals together by threading them at two points on each petal.

4Once your petals are sewn together, thread your fishing line onto your needle and pierce through one side of the centre of the flower.  You will then thread your fishing line through the shell bead without a needle.  Then sew the fishing line to the other side of the centre of the flower.


After you have finished creating your flowers you will hot glue them onto your wreath.  There you have it, a pretty wreath perfect for your home or a great gift idea!


Cheat tip: I am by no means a seamstress so I may or may not have used a little hot glue when sewing my petals together… same outcome!  This is our little secret!






DIY – Beef Up Your Baseboards On A Budget


I saw this idea in the February 2013 Canadian House and Home magazine issue and thought it was so clever!  This is a fantastic way to beef up the baseboards in a nursery (or anywhere in your house) for very little cost.  This DIY idea gives the illusion of much higher baseboards.


Simply build onto your existing baseboards by adding a bevelled base cap 1″ – 2″ above the baseboard. Then paint out the baseboard, wall gap and new trim piece all the same colour to give the appearance of tall baseboards.


I also loved the idea of painting out your baseboards a rich contrast colour, but instead of using an earthy hue shown in the photo, I would suggest going for a soothing sophisticated pastel for a nursery.  Some of Pantone‘s 2013 Fashion Report’s colours would be perfect!  My favorites are Greyed Jade and Linen.

pantone greyed jade   Pantone-Linen