How To Nail The Casual Curly Hair Trend

and noticed a Jennifer Grey circa late 1980’s layered, shag, casual curls trend was catching fire.

Curly long hair

Last week I fell down a rabbit hole of luscious, casual, bouncy curls. I have always loved big hair. In fact, I always joke that I like to have big Texas hair using my hot rollers. But then I started to watch Allegra Shaw’s Instastories and noticed a Jennifer Grey circa late 1980’s layered, shag, casual curls trend was catching fire.

Then I watched totally engrossed as Christine Dovey debated on her stories if she should get a perm… I voted yes!

Pins ensued and I quickly decided this was a trend I MUST try! Honestly, this is my entertainment during lockdown (I live in Southern Ontario, where we are in a current stay-at-home order).

Curly Hair
Curly hair

So, I armed myself with what I had on hand and got to work. I should say, I have LOTS of hair. So I knew it would take way to long to curl all of my hair with my thin curling iron. So instead I took all of my smallest hot rollers and tightly rolled them into my hair sporadically, leaving the top layer and other parts free for me to hand curl.

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I did have to go back and clean up some of the hot roller pieces, but the mix of the two methods gave this very casual, less uniformed look I was pleased with. I then went back and sprayed my hair with hairspray and used smoothing product to tame the entire look.

I am thrilled with the outcome and definitely plan on doing this look a lot more in the future. Also, I should mention that by the next day I had really beautiful beachy waves.

Curly hair

This has now tempted me to add more layers to my hair… hmmmm 😉

The Quick And Easy Way I Get My Wavy Curls And How To Really Use Hot Rollers

Curly hairI love styling my hair. Honestly! I love nothing more than big curly waves, but with four kids and everything else that comes with being a momprenuer, I don’t have time to add curl and volume with a curling iron.

That’s why I rely heavily on my hot rollers. In fact, I have curling my hair down to 5 MINUTES!hot rollers in hairBut I have a secret about how I put my hot rollers in my hair… to find out how and to read my step-by-step instructions, head to my article on Yummy Mummy Club: 5 minute perfectly imperfect curls.

See you there!

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