Video Recap Of Our Week: Be A Fly-On-The-Wall In Our Busy Home

Dress up and craft room reveal

We had a busy week of dress-up, introducing the idea of potty training to Mia and Everly and it was Beau’s fifth birthday! Have a peek behind the scenes in our busy home.

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Beat Summer Boredom with Michaels Canada Room Decor Crafts for Kids


Summer break has begun!  Bike riding, swimming, lazing around… but after the initial excitement fades away and the “I’m bored” begins you will need to be ready with your arsenal of activities and crafts.  Being a crafty person myself I was very excited to welcome a Michaels to Milton, Ontario and thought I would have a peek inside to see what kind of summer craft ideas I could find.  What better way to give your kid’s rooms a face lift this summer than to involve them as well and make a summer project out of it!

I found these simple frames on clearance ranging from $2.00 – $5.00.  What a steal!  Pick up a variety of sizes and styles, paint them different bright colours, bejewel them and add some photos of friends.  There you have it, a funky gallery wall.

These solar system kits are not only fun to put together but educational as well.  Get some fishing wire while you are there and hang it as a mobile.  I am definitely picking one up for my son, the little scientist!

Michaels carries a variety of model cars.  A fantastic summer project that will dress up your little man’s shelves.


Grab some colourful baskets and synthetic flowers.  Hot glue the flowers to the baskets to create decor and storage for a girl’s room.

Feel free to contact Nesting Story for more design ideas or have us help you refresh your kid’s rooms.

DIY – Beef Up Your Baseboards On A Budget


I saw this idea in the February 2013 Canadian House and Home magazine issue and thought it was so clever!  This is a fantastic way to beef up the baseboards in a nursery (or anywhere in your house) for very little cost.  This DIY idea gives the illusion of much higher baseboards.


Simply build onto your existing baseboards by adding a bevelled base cap 1″ – 2″ above the baseboard. Then paint out the baseboard, wall gap and new trim piece all the same colour to give the appearance of tall baseboards.


I also loved the idea of painting out your baseboards a rich contrast colour, but instead of using an earthy hue shown in the photo, I would suggest going for a soothing sophisticated pastel for a nursery.  Some of Pantone‘s 2013 Fashion Report’s colours would be perfect!  My favorites are Greyed Jade and Linen.

pantone greyed jade   Pantone-Linen

Quick and Inexpensive Girl’s Room Decor Ideas


When designing my kid’s rooms I am always trying to strike a balance between makings them fun and age appropriate yet being careful to not go overboard on a theme knowing that my kids may eventually want something different.  Here are some quick and inexpensive ways you add a little extra whimsy to a little girl’s room:




Create a more dynamic composition with a small piece of artwork on a larger wall by scattering some unexpected butterflies and flowers.  Don’t be afraid to mix in some pops of colour.  I found these butterflies at the Dollar Store and these paper flowers at a local craft store.





I re-purposed one of my son’s old lamps by pulling off the masculine truck decals and replacing them with felt butterflies and flowers from the dollar store.

Happy Crafting!