I Have Found The Most Comfortable Bra In The World

Trying on bras at Victoria's SecretTrying on bras at Victoria’s Secret, embracing the red-light-district-esque lighting.

My boobs have been through a lot. I have breastfed four babies, including tandem nursing twins. They have grown and shrunk through three pregnancies and have ranged in size any where from a B-cup to a D-cup. Now that I am finished having babies, it was time to find the right bra.

When it comes to bras, comfort is number one. I bought my first bra near the end of elementary school. I was an early-bloomer and had to shop for support from an early age. But up until recently, I never found a bra that fit me like a glove, was flattering and really comfortable. I would always put up with a bra while at school, and then at work, later in life. Then, as soon as I walked through the door, the first thing I would do was whip off that bra, and enjoy freedom within the comfort of my home.

brasI recently made the decision to set out to find the most comfortable bra in the world. I would occasionally think I had come close, but then the nagging pinch from an underwire or crease from a strap would drive me out of my mind. That was until I found it, the Body By Victoria – Demi Bra, from Victoria’s Secret (no, this is not a sponsored post).

Body by Victoria bra

This bra has everything! It’s low cut, has light memory foam for extra support, it conforms to my curves and rounds out and perks up my boobs without making me look like a hooker. The best feature: it is made out of nylon/spandex that makes it super soft and stretchy. This bra is actually more comfortable than a sports bra! It comes in smooth nude fabrics, great for wearing under a T-shirt as well as some sexier lace designs, perfect for date night with Mike!

Tip: make sure you follow your gut when finding the right fit. I have been measured as a 34C many times in bra shops, and against my best judgement, went with that size. Sure enough I would find myself with bras that are too tight around my ribs and gaping in the boob section. I know from actually trying bras on, I am a 36B. So, this time, although I was once again told I was a 34C, I put my foot down and went with a 36B. Heaven. Pure heaven.collage bras

Even if this isn’t YOUR perfect bra, I highly recommend that you keep looking until you find a bra that fits you right. It will completely change your mood, give you more patience with your family and increase your confidence!

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