This Is What My Kids Are Reading This Fall

Reading booksReading is a big deal in our home. Part of our bedtime routine is to read books and then I sing to each of my kids, (I do not have a great voice, but they seem to love it).

Holden (age six) and Beau (age four) tend to fall in love with a particular book and want to read that one over and over each night. This fall, they have each been drawn to a book that is prefect for this season. Fall booksBeau’s favourite is From Apple Trees to Cider Pleasewritten by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky and illustrated by Julia Patton.

This adorable book illustrates a whimsical version of a cider mill and goes through the process of making apple cider. This simple concept is so clever, and Beau often asks me to re-read the cider mill pages once I have finished. Pssst… a little secret… I am pretty in love with this book too!Apple Trees to Cider Please!Holden’s favourite book at the moment is perfect with Halloween coming up. It’s a zombie book that is totally age appropriate for Holden. I Want to Eat Your Bookswritten by Karin Lefranc and illustrated by Tyler Parker, is about a little boy zombie who goes into a school and wants to eat all of the books. It has everything Holden loves: monsters, books and even a little science lesson. I want to eat your booksThe combination of the rhythmic words and fast paced story keeps Holden’s interest. I have caught Holden reading it on his own many times, which is a huge bonus!Holden reading

What are your kids reading this fall?