How To Wear Patterned Leggings And Style Your Mom Curves

collage 1A few months ago I was invited to a leggings party.  For those of you who have never been to one, it’s kind of like a tupperware party but for patterned leggings.  As I took in all of the fun and colourful patterns (while the artist/designer in me was bursting with joy) I looked around the room full of mommies going bananas over these pants.  I picked up a pair that caught my eye and went to go try them on.  As soon as I pulled them over my hips I realized that they were extremely comfortable, more fun than my yoga pants that I practically live in and they fit so well over my mommy curves… I can get used to this!  After posting this photo to my Instagram, my followers went nuts asking me to do a post on how to wear patterned leggings.  Thus, this project was born.  IMG_3049I immediately contacted the leggings manufacturer and told them about my post idea.  They shipped me a few pairs and I had a blast putting together flattering and comfy outfits, that also work with us curvier mamas.  I called up my brilliant photographer friends and we went to town putting together this style piece.  This fun fashion item may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am hooked!  It takes my everyday mommy sweats to the next (fun) level!

Photography and Art Direction by Sarah Martin Photography and Ooh Ooh Darling Photography Styling, Hair and Makeup by Joanna Venditti, Nesting Story

Modern Edgyjoanna017joanna004joanna034joanna028joanna010Above Leggings: SweetLegs – Midnight Highway, Top: Joe Fresh, Jacket: Le Chateau, Shoes: Aldo, Jewlery: Forever 21

Bohemian Femininejoanna041joanna043joanna061joanna082joanna057Above  Leggings: SweetLegs – Gracie Rose, Top: American Eagle, Shoes: American Eagle for Payless, Necklace: Smart Set

Street Militaryjoanna105joanna100joanna101

Above  Leggings: SweetLegs – Sweet Camo, Top: Joe Fresh, Necklace: Forever 21, Boots: Winners

joanna110I love that leggings pull up nice and high.  Yes, I am showing my tummy, after having four kids (eight months postpartum with twins), scandal!  I love that these outfits hug in all the right places, and have a little more room where you need it.  Especially if you are healing from a C-Section.

Each of these looks can work during the day with less jewelry and flats.  So comfy!


A special thanks to my friend Amanda with helping me brainstorm comfy and stylish outfit ideas.  You can follow her on @Instagram the_amandaheather

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I Didn’t Know I Was Supposed To Be Striving To Be Flawless

collage 1I have found myself really, really happy since this viral phenomenon has occurred.  I was happy before but I have felt this additional sense of purpose these past few weeks.  Don’t worry, ever since I blogged about my experience with handling negative comments, I was able to get it out of me and haven’t looked back.  I have also found I am devoting more of myself to my children.  Yes, I would enjoy them before but I am finding myself slowing down more and immersing myself in these very intense moments of connection.  I am not sure if it is because I am having more of a balance between career and motherhood that I know I need, or if it is their innocence and the fact that they have no idea what is going on out there.  But my heart is full.

collage 2

I have been enjoying reading every comment, email and message beyond words.  I have come across a couple comments that have been very kind and encouraging but ending with the implication that it is expected that I will have plastic surgery on my tummy once I have hit my weight goal.  Not to mention the similar comments I received from random strangers while pregnant with my twins.  Instead of feeling insulted, I have been left baffled, thinking “oh am I supposed to get a tummy tuck?  I don’t plan to.”  I am really happy with my fitness progress.  It is happening at a pace that suits me, makes me feel healthier and happier and I am not pushing myself too hard.  I am about 15lbs away from my initial weight goal and I am realizing that it may be too much if I lose another 15lbs.  I don’t want to lose all of my very womanly curves.  So I won’t be focusing on the scale, only on how I feel.body 1I still have a bit of that hanging tummy, and it may shrink more in time but for now all I see is my body healing from the war it went through during my twin pregnancy.  It is getting stronger and I am finding carrying my girls much easier!body 2Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti plastic surgery, I am just pro loving your body for what it has done and continues to do.  If having plastic surgery is what makes someone else love their body and feel better in their skin, then go for it.  Just make sure it is for you.  Not anyone else.  Besides, if I were ever to have plastic surgery, my tummy would be last on my list.

In 2001 I had to have a complete thyroidectomy which has left me with a very visible scar across my neck.  It wasn’t supposed to be as visible, but I had a terrible reaction to Codeine and swelled up like a tomato which disrupted my incision site.  body 3

I had been sick for a long time and finally having a diagnoses of hyperthyroidism and the subsequent removal of a hyper-plastic tumour and my thyroid was such a relief to my suffering. I have never rushed to have plastic surgery on my scar.  I partially see it as a positive symbol of being healthier.  I have been approached by a couple doctors about revising it, but I really couldn’t bother.  The surgery and all that comes with that seems like such a chore to me.  I almost always forget it is there, other than when someone points it out.

But the biggest reason I haven’t got rid of it, is I see my scar as a visible “line in the sand” in regards to how far I will go with my body trying to be flawless.  It’s a slippery slope and the line has to be drawn somewhere.  I am flawed.  My flaws tell my story.  Who I am.  Where I have been.  The hardships I have overcome.  The people I have given life to.

So, I will never say never, but right now I feel in awe at my body’s ability to be pushed to such painful limits and come back from the war with more fight in it than ever.IMG_4632