I Think Cinderella Was Onto Something

Maybe Cinderella was onto somethingOkay, maybe I am not “trapped” in my mommy world of sweat pants, messy hair, no-makeup, and cleaning up after everyone. But some days I definitely feel isolated, and like I am losing myself while caring for four children.

For the second time, I have had the opportunity to get away for a few days to a blogging conference. While away, I marvel at the moments where I can slow down and enjoy both the quiet and the stimulating conversations. It’s an exhilarating feeling getting to make all of the decisions throughout the day, based solely on my own needs and wants.IMG_9213Since becoming a mother six years ago, I have often struggled to make sure I find the balance between giving enough of me to my children, while not disappearing in the process.

Now, while trying to balance so many people, while simultaneously breathing life into my passion, which also happens to be my business, I again, occasionally find myself slipping away.

Being able to step out of my life for a few days, every few months, gives me a chance to regain my independence and do an assessment on who I am outside of being a mother and a wife. I get to  challenge myself, while brainstorming exciting ideas with other adults. I breathe in the beautiful sights and sounds around me.Blue Mountain, CollingwoodJust for that brief moment, I am me, without the caretaker part. I am reset.

Then the clock strikes midnight, and I head back into my delightful world of chaos, squeals, cuddles, cries, giggles, kisses and so much love.Mother

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