A Day In The Life 3 (Video) – With Four Kids, Including Twin Toddlers

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In our family’s most recent “day-in-the-life” video, what was supposed to be a typical day, ended up being a day home with a sick twin.

Before starting the day, I took some time for myself, including fitting in a workout, throwing on some makeup and even doing my hair. But a cold had been circling our house, and when Mike and I walk into Mia and Everly’s room we make a grim discovery.

Follow along as I juggle everything from sick kids, to work, play time, date night and even some time for myself.

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Video Recap Of Our Week: Be A Fly-On-The-Wall In Our Busy Home

Dress up and craft room reveal

We had a busy week of dress-up, introducing the idea of potty training to Mia and Everly and it was Beau’s fifth birthday! Have a peek behind the scenes in our busy home.

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