Twin Toddlers: Mischief, Milestones And Mayhem

Twin ToddlersWell, we have hit that truly magical age with our twins. Fourteen months. Mia and Everly now want everything and want to do everything, but their main form of communication consists of whines and screams. Let me tell you, there is nothing like toddler screaming than when it is doubled. It’s angelic.

Our twins are now at the point where they are walking. But their form of walking resembles a drunk college student stumbling out of of a party at 3am. I think I have raised an eyebrow or two when I have nonchalantly dismissed epic falls. But I am their mother, and I know the difference between an “ouch that hurts” cry and a “mom, I may have done some damage” cry.

Initially, I bragged about my girls and their level of obedience. How if they started to open a cupboard, I would calmly say “ah ah” and they’d close it and walk away. But over the past few weeks, they have teamed up and now when they open a cupboard and I say “ah ah” they give me a look as if they are thinking “oh mom, don’t you get it yet? You are out numbered.”

Needless to say, my husband and I have a romantic weekend of baby proofing ahead of us.

Whenever I put them to bed in their cribs, I do a quick scan of the room. Because I have learned the hard way, that items that I thought were WAY out of their reach, were not. I have walked in to find shredded books and diapers enough times to finally learn my lesson. My twins are stealth ninjas.

There is one bright side of this age: the constant entertainment. As a child of four kids and now a mother of four, I am a strong believer in letting kids fight-it-out. Between the giggles, there are some scrappy moments. After careful observation, I have concluded the winner of a twin brawl is always whoever desired the coveted item they are fighting over the most.

Despite everything, the first words, the silly moments where they are discovering that they can make us laugh and the kisses and snuggles make it all worth it. Luckily, these precious moments wipe the memories of toddler horror away from the day before.

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