How To Manage Bath Time With Twins Part 2 – Transitioning To A Shared Bath

bath 1After writing part 1 of my How To Manage Bath Time With Twins series and decided to put my advice into action and move our six month old twins to an inflatable baby bath so they can start sharing a bath (and I can cut down on bathing time).  Their full baths every three days and sponge baths in between weren’t cutting it anymore.  Let’s face it, sponge baths can’t get off crusted on carrots like a full bath can.  Unlike how I would have transitioned my older kids to a bigger bath (one baby at a time), I had to find a new normal.  I read lots of advice from veteran twin moms after my first post and there were many creative tricks and ideas.  I decided to go with the inflatable tub because of how soft it is and that it would fit my girls in tight, using each other’s bodies to stay put.  I decided that sharing my first attempt (in detail) at a shared bath with twins was an important story to tell because if not done right or if distracted this could become dangerous very fast!

Before getting started I prepped three change areas with towels on the floor.  One in the bathroom, one in the hall and one in their bedroom.  I also placed two bouncy chairs in the bathroom.  I looked around thinking this was overkill but boy did I appreciate those areas after when things got a little hairy!

collage 1Once set up and I had each twin in their bouncy chairs, I made a game plan based on each twin’s strengths (Everly is steadier when sitting and Mia is more patient).

bath 2

I then put Everly in the bath first and without leaving her side, I grabbed Mia and placed her in the bath.  Both girl’s loved having a bath together.  Like always, they kept looking at each other as if to say “isn’t this great”?  I started to wash them, initially going back and forth but I kept forgetting who had been washed where so I completely washed Everly and was halfway through washing Mia when things started to get a little scary.  Both girls started to squirm and slide under the water!  Holy crap!  bath 3

While holding both of them up under their arms I made the decision to lift Everly out wrapping my arm around her and lifting her wet body out against my body while still holding Mia up.  I placed Everly on the change spot beside me, wrapped her in a towel and finished washing Mia.  I then placed Mia on the change spot in the hallway.  Then proceeded to move Everly and Mia to change spot number three to get them diapered and dressed.  See, I told you my over preparing came in handy!bath 4

Although some points were touch and go, I would say the overall experience was a success that I will continue to do until our girls can sit in the big bath.

*Important tips if you are going to try this:  DO NOT attempt this (at least not for the first few tries) with an older child in the room that you also have to supervise.  Be extremely PREPARED ahead of time with change areas and towels.  You will probably GET WET.  If things are getting too crazy or slippery, be okay with taking them out before you have finished washing them.  Remember SAFETY IS NUMBER ONE!  If you cannot give your twins your undivided attention, if you forgot something while setting up or if things aren’t going as planned, PULL THE PLUG and finish bath time early.

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