A Day In The Life 2: The Life Of A Blogger With Four Kids (On An Off Day)

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Have you ever wondered what it is like juggling four kids, keeping a tidy home and running your own business seamlessly? Me too! You won’t find that in my most recent “Day in the Life” You Tube video.

Instead you will be catching me on an off day, with a messy house and no-makeup for most of it. Also you will see how an over-sized pizza almost broke me. But I have some handy life hacks in here including how to fake it that you have been baking all day.

Here it is… a day in the life with my four kids, blogging and a lunch out with some inspirational momprenuers.

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A Day In The Life With Our Family

collageI am so excited to share a “day in the life” of our family with you! Everything you see is very real.

The cast of characters: Me – Joanna – a parenting blogger, mother and wife, Mike – My husband and best friend, Holden – (age six) the sweet and studious older brother to three little sisters, Beau – (age four) our spit-fire little girl who has boundless energy and the most incredible imagination, Mia – (age one) older than her twin sister by one minute, is sweet and cuddly but loves to get into mischief and is a bit of a ham, and last, but not least, Everly – the baby of the family who has never had any interest in being a baby, she has a smile that will light up a room and is game for anything.

Although I would have loved to have kept the hours of footage I took, I made sure I edited this video down to under 20 minutes, so people actually want to watch it. Left on the cutting room floor were quiet moments of cuddles, cute conversations, reading books and a few temper tantrums. This is just a snippet of our lives. Make sure you watch to the very end, you won’t believe what we found on the floor!

This day is pretty typical. I usually work from home for five hours a day, but like many days, this one was broken up with me running errands and heading to a doctors appointment. Without further ado, I give you a day in the life with our family…

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