The Best Summer Strawberry and Cream Scones Recipe

Joanna Fowler June 10, 2019 Blog, Food
The Best Summer Strawberry and Cream Scones Recipe - Lori for Nesting Story

There aren’t too many things better than a fresh, hot out of the oven scone. Sweet, savoury, buttered up….they’re pretty irresistible…amiright???  A family favourite in this house is strawberry and cream scones. The best part about them is they are not complicated to make, in fact they are quite simple and are quite impressive to others…just be sure not to let them know how easy they are to make.  Not only are they delicious to eat, they make such a beautiful hostess gift. My daughter Sophie and I are always looking for treats to bake and we always seem to come back to this simple scone recipe. I think she just likes to get her hands in the do I… it’s pretty therapeutic.  

Strawberry season is almost upon us (fingers crossed) and what better time to bake these treats.  The only thing that smells better than a fresh strawberry, is the smell of these scones in the oven… your house has never smelled so good.  Sophie and I whipped up a batch recently to deliver to grandma and grandpa and i snapped a few photos to share with you.

I used to shy away from recipes that required me to make my own homemade dough.  Flip the page to the next recipe please and thank you very much. The texture of the dough never seemed right, dry, crumbly…but finally, I learned that the crumbly texture is in fact the proper consistency. Seriously guys…Do it once and you will see how simple it is and the dough comes together so beautifully in the oven.

This recipe makes 8 triangular scones and you can easily double the recipe for a larger crowd if needed.  They warm up beautifully the following day and with a smear of butter… come on!


2 cups of all purpose flour, sifted

1 tablespoon baking powder

3 tablespoons granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

6 tablespoons chilled butter, cut into 1/4 inch cubes (i prefer salted organic butter but you can choose)

12 small organic strawberries, hulled and diced

1 tablespoon lemon zest

GLAZE (optional)

1 1/2 cup icing sugar

2 tablespoons  half and half cream

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

squeeze of lemon


1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees

2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper

3.Combine sifted flour, baking powder, sugar and salt.  Stir until combined

4. Add butter (pre-cut and chilled) and incorporate using a pastry cutter or hands

*this will look like crumbs but its ok!!!!….. keep going

5. Gently fold in the strawberries and lemon zest and stir just until incorporated in  

6. Add the half and half cream and gently mix until it forms a soft dough

7. Place the dough on a floured surface and press gently until it is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick

8. Cut into 8 triangles

9. Using a spatula or pie server,  lift each triangle and place on the cookie sheet

10. Bake for 15-18 minutes, or until lightly golden on top

Let the scones rest on a cooling rack for 15 minutes.

I put the cooling rack over the tray I used to bake the scones for an easy cleanup

While they are cooling, I prepare the glaze


1. Whisk the icing sugar, vanilla and half and half cream until blended together.  Give one or two squeezes of lemon into the mixture.

If the glaze is too thick you can add more cream or lemon juice…if its too thin..add a little more icing sugar

Drizzle the glaze over the scones, as much or as little as you prefer.  I don’t add too much glaze to mine because i like to put butter on mine…..its all about balance no?

These little gems are best served hot out of the oven.

They are scrumptious, flaky,  melt in your mouth perfection.

So simple to make for guests ..they will think you are the next Martha!

Serve them with ice cream, whip cream and a nice hot brewed cup of coffee…or with fruit and a mimosa!


Lori xo

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