Sometimes I Just Need A Little Space

Joanna Fowler August 3, 2016 Family, Self, Lifestyle, Wellness

OakvilleWe are a family that thrives on and craves routine. My kids and I need some kind of structure to our day and without it we start getting irritable and anxious. Mike (and maybe Beau) on the other hand do pretty well being on vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have fun, but it is really hard to shake the nagging to-do lists that constantly run through my mind throughout the day.

It has taken me over a year to create some semblance of balance in our lives, but unfortunately it is a fragile house of cards that can be blown down with a single staycation.

Little did I know that Mike had seen some footage of me talking about how I struggle with this and how it can be a trigger for my anxiety.

In today’s vlog I talk about how I use some much needed space to regroup and continue enjoying our staycation.

Also, we take a little trip to a neighbouring lakeside city for a specialist appointment for Beau.

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  1. My Doc misdiagnosed our child with hereditary migraines. Changed Docs and the new one knew right away. It was severe iron deficiency. Watch the back of her neck. If you see any swelling, it could be an iron issue. A blood test will tell for sure. My guy suffered terrible headaches for a year before the correct diagnosis.

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