Reflecting On My First Year After Having Twins

Joanna Fowler July 23, 2015 Family, Twins

Happy Birthday Mia and Everly Collage 1If you had asked me three years ago where I thought I’d be right now, I’d probably say I would be happily running my mural painting and interior design business, getting ready to have my two oldest kids in school in September while my toddler was in daycare. Never, in my wildest dreams could I have guessed that I would be celebrating my twin’s first birthday while writing a parenting blog. It is incredible that life can suddenly send you into a drastically different direction.Mia and Everly Newborn By Sarah Martin Photography

Photo by Sarah Martin Photography

I never would have guessed that Holden and Beau, (although they asked for a baby for Christmas), Would love Mia and Everly so much. That they would fight over who gets to sit beside the babies (thank goodness there are two), at the dinner table.Happy Birthday Mia and Everly Collage 2 I never thought that Holden would choose playing with, or reading to our twins over video games.

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Whoever told me while I was pregnant, “oh, you are having twins? They are so fun!” was the most accurate description of what was ahead. I can (and do) just sit and watch my girls interact. Although Mia and Everly couldn’t look and act more different, there is an incredible bond there.Twin bondThere are days that I feel spread thin, and I am constantly doing a balancing act to make sure everyone’s “emotional tank” is full. But I will look around our home and realize that despite having many other rooms full of toys, all four kids love to play within a ten foot radius of each other.Kids playing togetherMike and I have very full hearts. Knowing our family of six is complete, we cannot wait to embark on new adventures and reach new milestones.Four Kids

Happy Birthday Mia and Everly!

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