My Case For Mom Jeans

Joanna Fowler March 18, 2015 Family, Parenting, Lifestyle, Style

snl-mom-jeans-skit-photoDid you catch Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary episode?  I did, and although I thought the entire thing was awesome, there has been one clip that I have been daydreaming about… the mom jeans bit.  You know the line from Twas The Night Before Christmas; ‘visions of sugar plums danced in their heads’?  Ya, I’ve been having visions of mom jeans dancing in my head.

After having my four kids and being pretty close to my fitness goal, I have been left with that little mommy tummy.  You know, the kind you need to tuck into your pants?  I remember SNL’s skit from when it originally aired, but now watching it as a mom of four I wish I were a mom in the 90’s.  They had it good.  We have been plagued with low-rise jeans.  I could wear low rise jeans if I wanted to have a muffin top and my bum crack hanging out.

I went out shopping for some new clothes this week and I had a couple of very nice young store employees try to help me put together some outfits.  Every time they brought me a pair of pants I asked them to bring another pair with a higher waist.  Apparently my go-to high waisted wide leg pants and high waisted pencil skirts are a little elusive these days.  Back into my yoga pants I go.

At least big bums are in.  Check.  But I think it would take almost round the clock work to have the big bum and the insanely flat tummy after babies that we see on some celebrities these days.  Good on them, but I don’t have that kind of time and to be honest, I really don’t care that I have a little extra curve.  I am over trying to suck it in all the time and cover my belly with my arms.  So, designers, if you are listening… please bring back the mom jeans with a modern twist!


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9 thoughts on “My Case For Mom Jeans”

  1. I love this! Having 3 kids (7, 5 & 3) I feel the same way. I miss low rise jeans but I’m more proud of my new body to really care all that much!

  2. haha, love that pic. I recently discovered that high waisted jeans are back! New mama, Natalie, from Thoughts by Natalie recommended a couple pairs the other week (post is called the most flattering jeans)
    I bought a pair of Madewell’s that she recommended and I love them. They replaced my leggings and they are so flattering on the tummy. Still want to try the American Eagle ones she suggested. I’m all for high waist jeans…I never loved the ultra low rise trend. So not flattering (at least for my body type pre or post baby!)

  3. Perfect post!! And I’m obsessed with that SNL sketch. Yes, I still live in my leggings lol. And I hear ya, I have a destination wedding end of April and I’m going NUTS trying to fit into standard anything at this point…

  4. I feel the same way after having my twins. I really don’t think my stomach will be the same without the help of a plastic surgeon. I did recently discover high wasted jeans at the Gap and I love them. It’s amazing how good you feel about yourself when you don’t have to worry about your stomach! Hope this helps!!

  5. I am now hooked NYDJ jeans.. They come up higher and they have stretch in them so everything gets tucked in

  6. I here ya on the mom jeans! LOL! I just discovered high-waisted jeggings at American Eagle and I am sooooo happy! I stumbled onto your blog recently and have been enjoying it. Thanks!

  7. I am a fellow Miltonian and have read about your blog in the paper.I know you have mentioned you are wanting to eat healthy and embrace your body.I wondered if you had ever heard of the book Discover the Power of food by Janet Jacks.She has written an incredible book that will fully educate with the most current info on nutrition and more.It is not a diet plan but an lifestyle makeover that turns your body into fat burning instead of fat storing by maintaining a level blood sugar by choosing foods that truly support and nourish the body.if you are interested check it out …the author is the founder of the Goodness Me stores and she has a Goodness Me website too.
    Judy Clifford

    1. I will definitely check out that book Judy, thank you. That sounds a lot like my philosophy on food. I also love Goodness Me. I used to work right by it and would pick up my lunches almost daily there.

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