Mia And Everly Get Their Passport Photos Taken… And They’re Hilarious!

Joanna Fowler October 7, 2015 Family, Twins

Twins' passport photosA couple weeks ago I went to get Mia and Everly’s passport photos done… and we have been cracking up ever since. Mike particularly likes Everly’s photo.

First of all, the last name Venditti, is perfectly suited to Everly in this photo. But we can’t decide who she looks like more, Mama Fratelli from the Goonies, or…

Everly vs Mama Fratelli from the Goonies

Donald Trump? What do you think?

Everly vs Donald Trump

Actually both girls were so well behaved. I had to take an elastic out of Everly’s hair, (hence the awesome do), and I kept popping puffs into their mouths to keep them closed.

Despite the terrified look on Mia’s face, she wouldn’t stop smiling. I even had to tell the photographer to stop smiling at her.Mia's passport photoHere are Holden and Beau’s first passport photos, they are pretty funny too! Holden looks as though he regularly vacations in Boca Raton, while rocking a tropical golf shirt. Holden and Beau's first passport photosYou may be wondering, why are we getting our passports ready? For Christmas we are heading to Florida for three weeks, (we live just outside of Toronto). First stop, Disney World, and then on to our favourite vacation spot, Sanibel Island.

Here’s the best part, we are driving! This is something I did with my family almost every year growing up, and Mike and I have done it twice with kids. This will be the first time we do the long drive with four kids. So, look forward to many relevant posts to follow!

I’d love to hear your kids passport photo stories below!

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