Look at your body after babies as a fresh beginning

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After having my twins, (my third and fourth kids), although I felt a deep sadness for the mushy, stretched, bruised and swollen condition my body was in, a part of me felt excitement and renewed.

I was so thankful that my body had done the job it needed to do: carry my babies to full term. I looked at it differently than I ever had before.

Although sad, for the first time since I became self-conscious as a child, I didn’t feel anger, frustration or betrayal towards my body. I was filled with gratitude.

Now was the time to bring my body back to life, to strengthen and love whatever new shape it was going to take. It was like someone dropped a pile of clay in front of me and said, “this is yours to mould and nurture. A fresh beginning.”

before and after

The sadness is gone and my body is mine again. But I will never forget the journey it has been on and I will constantly keep gratitude at the centre of my relationship with my body.

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2 thoughts on “Look at your body after babies as a fresh beginning”

  1. I had twins (number 3&4 ) as well, and it has been a real struggle to accept my new body. Finding time to work out is non existent and once they’re asleep I’m to exhausted, I can barely brush my teeth! But, my body is amazing and completed an amazing feat. Carrying twins is a HUGE accomplishment

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