Learning How To Get A Life… Again

Joanna Venditti February 3, 2016 Family, Relationships

Family roomRecently my husband Mike, and I had a very honest conversation with each other about getting a life, again. We have been stuck in this prison of a home because of how difficult it can be to get out with our 18-month-old twins. Our older two kids, who are almost five and 6-years-old, are a piece of cake, but our twins are that age right now.

As we discussed some of the things that have been getting us down recently, Mike finally opened up about how he has felt like we have been imprisoned in our own home. He actually gestured to the room we were sitting in, (our family room), and said, “I am so sick of this room! All we do is spend all of our time in here. In fact, if this room were a person, I’d murder it!” Okay, the last part made me laugh a little.

But he was totally right. I was avoiding the stress of going out with our twins so much that I had been forcing our family to spend all of our time in that one room without really realizing how depressing that was for the rest of our family. After that conversation I made the decision to get us out of the house more on the weekends.

So, this past Saturday we ventured into Toronto, (which is about 30 minutes from us), and took all four of our kids to the Ontario Science Centre. Luckily my sister and her boyfriend, who live in Toronto, met us there and helped out with the kids.Mia and Everly playingWe spent the entire day there. I was exhausted, but everyone had a great time. We threw naps out the window and reclined our stroller so that Mia and Everly could take little naps.twins reclined in strollerI mostly enjoyed watching Holden, Beau and Mike explore, learn and have fun. All three loved breaking free from our prison and doing something they loved for once.Beau the astronautI have noticed, in the days that have followed, that Mike has been in a much better mood. I guess getting out, despite the stress and exhaustion is worth it.

Time to plan our outing for next weekend!


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6 thoughts on “Learning How To Get A Life… Again”

  1. Omg i so feel you we have boy and girl twins they are two years old and this is exactly how i feel right now. Stuck. Every morning i wake up i know exactly what my day is going to look like i would love to enjoy my babies more but i am just so down from being atuck in one place and i have no clue how to climb out of it since most of the time its just me with them so even going to the park with them alone is a drag. Any suggestions on getting a routine 🙂

  2. Hahhaa we avoided resturants for years for this very reason. Believe my kiddos are now 12 years (the twins) and 9 years (my bonus feature) the time goes fast and as my mama always told “it is only a short season in your life” and boy oh boy, she was right. Enjoy as I am in the tween years and the complexity of friends not being so friendly and asserting some independence I look back and say…those days were busy but easier in some ways. thank you Joanna for your blogs! Keep up the great work and keeping it real.

  3. Good for you!!! My twins will be 3 in April. The first year and a half were indoors. When they were born I had a 6 and 4 year old as well, getting out of the house was a pain and absolutely exhausting!! Now, we go and do, a lot. The older kids are into extra curricular activities and staying home isn’t an option anymore. Life is crazy and super hard sometimes but we just got through potty training so I feel like super mom!!

    1. You sure are a super mom! You are a great role model for your kids aswell as for other moms struggling out here. continue doing what your doing you’re the best somehow i dont know if it’s a mom thing, but I feel like I have known you a long time or maybe because were going through similar things except you have two more kids lolll. -share the love-

  4. i just had twins boys on the 8th of january and i also have a 10 year old and a 8 year old im ready for the joy of all us getting out i just cant wait until it get warmer so we can can enjoy

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