I Seriously Can’t Cook And I Detest Doing Dishes

Burnt Garlic breadI can’t cook. I am not a chef. I’d love to be, but I am not. I can do many other things exceptionally well, like draw, write and style my hair, but cooking does not come naturally to me.

I have close friends who are incredible chefs. When I watch them whip up a meal, I feel inferior. I honestly don’t care that much that I can’t cook, but I’d love to know I could create a delicious meal for my family.

What makes a bad cook? I forget to keep an eye on the food in the oven, or on the stove and often end up burning it, I always forget to buy some of the ingredients to a recipe and fail trying to improvise, and I overcook everything and dry it out. But I think the biggest reason is, I HATE doing dishes with a passion. Give me folding laundry, or cleaning toilets or anything else… but not dishes.

This hate for doing dishes has become such a problem that I am too often opting for boxed foods and takeout. This is costing us a fortune.

Recently, my husband, Mike, and I had a long talk about how much things like takeout is costing us, and that we really need to move out of survival mode and start putting more effort into our meals.

Mike is a great cook. He is the one making fancy omelettes every weekend and the most incredible meals on the barbecue. The problem is, he isn’t here enough to make all of the meals.

So, here I am trying to figure out how to create family meals, with the least amount of dishes. I am on the hunt for one pot meals, and recipes that only require beginner skills.

I am planning on moving my culinary skills past the basics (and a fantastic salad maker) and find recipes that suite busy families. Stay tuned…

Do you have any recipes that fit my needs? Leave them in the comments section below.


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