I Am Worried About Her (Video)

Joanna Fowler August 27, 2016 Blog, Family, Parenting


Sometimes anxiety can creep up on me when I am least expecting it. In this vlog I talk about how a couple of contributing factors are setting off my anxiety and what my approach is to deal with it.

I have been worrying about a couple of the kids; Everly, who has had chronic colds and one of the big kids. But instead of shutting down I am dealing with it head on.

Also, we finally have a successful family meal with Mike and no T.V. on and silliness followed soon after.

Welcome to our home…

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One thought on “I Am Worried About Her (Video)”

  1. I used to always suffer with constant colds until I cut out lactose … I always had tissues in my pocket etc. It may be a ‘milk’ allergy. Thanks for another great vlogue! Take care X

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