How To Add A Splash Of Spring To Your Decor

Joanna Fowler April 15, 2015 Home, Decor, Seasonal

IMG_4778As soon as the snow melts each spring I can’t wait to refresh my decor and add some cheerful and fresh spring items. Here are a few examples of how you can add a little spring to the inside of your home.

1. Floral branches. I rarely add faux florals to our home. When I do I always make sure I don’t cheap out and find one that has realistic branches and don’t go overboard on the flowers.  They add a natural element without the upkeep and expense of real flowers.

2. A spring-themed vase. A vase with flower, butterfly or bird accents add a little springtime whimsy to an otherwise simple vase.bird decor 13. Add anything bird themed. For a few years now bird accents have been very trendy and bring a little life to your decor. Check out your local home decor store’s garden section. You will often find a variety of spring-themed decor there.

bird decor

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