HomeSense Finds – One Room Challenge Week 6

Joanna Fowler June 15, 2020 Home, DIY

This post is not sponsored by HomeSense… I just really like it. Enjoy!

Raise your hand if you ran to HomeSense as soon as they opened… *raises hand. After giving it a week for the crowds to die down a bit I went… twice!

I am so excited that I was able to find so many amazing pieces for my new beachy bedroom. I was thankfully able to get int and snag some amazing finds before the shelves were picked bare. Canadians love their HomeSense.

Work is definitely progressing in my bedroom and although I can’t travel somewhere warm right now, I feel like I am bringing the vacation to my home.

There is something very soothing about painting away the deep blues. It feels airy and light. There was always a heaviness that came with having a navy and denim bedroom.

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So let’s talk about my HomeSense finds, shall we?

For the longest time I have wanted a long tray or bowl to sit on top of my electric fireplace. I knew I wanted to introduce a new texture and went on the hunt for something made of metal or unfinished wood. I found this wooden tray in the kitchen area and immediately fell in love. I grabbed a bunch of white candles and it’s perfect.

Tip: Because the tray wasn’t completely flat inside, I used sticky tack to secure and level the candles.

I only wanted to give you a sneak peek of this new side table. I moved my existing side table to the other side and needed a new one that would fit the space well. I initially found a light blue table and brought it into the space quickly realizing it was way too narrow and short. My bed is very high and I wanted it to be as tall as the table on the opposite side.

So I went back to HomeSense and returned the light blue table continuing on my hunt. I finally came across this open bookshelf and thought, “could it be perfect?” I knew I needed to see it in my room to know for sure so I brought it home and was amazed at how this shelf fit and looked like it was made for this very spot. I also found this small vase that was a a perfect beachy accent. The circular line-work reminded me of waves.

Tip: You don’t have to match your bedside tables, the key is to keep them the same height. Get creative and think our of the box. Small bookshelves and trollies also make great side-tables.

I had already found some amazing prints on Etsy but knew I needed a bigger art piece with some colour to hang over my dresser. I couldn’t believe when I found this beach print. I reminded me so much of my real-life inspiration Sanibel Island. I cannot wait to hang it properly. This pop of colour was exactly what my room needed.

I wanted a lamp to sit on my dresser and found a distressed, metal lamp that not only added the seaside feel I wanted but also brought a new texture and material into the space which is something I’m always drawn to.

To finalize the decor on my dresser this sea-green odd shaped glass vase again brought a new texture into the room and looks great sitting beside my faux wood Rexall diffuser.

Tip: When bunching decor items together, remember to keep them different shapes, materials and height to create a cozier and more dynamic space.

Follow my bedroom redesign over on my Instastories in real time.

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