Gathering Goodies – One Room Challenge Week 4

Joanna Fowler May 28, 2020 Home, DIY

Okay, so although this is only my second One Room Challenge blog post, it is technically week 4 of the ORC. What did I get done this week? Well, a whole lot of gathering of goodies.

Bedding? Check. Paint? Check. Plant? Check. Sconces? Check.

I have got most of the prints and am either waiting for more to be delivered, or waiting to find a few minutes to fix my jammed printer… Eeek!

But also, did you hear the news? HomeSenses across Canada are opening up. Apparently people are lining up with lawn chairs outside of them. I’m obviously not the only one who has dearly missed HomeSense during quarantine. I think I will wait a week or two to go to avoid waiting a long time in lines.

Head over to the One Room Challenge to check out all of the designs and projects everyone is working on.

So I know, this might not be the most exciting update, but I promise, things are moving along and I will post the links to everything soon. Some weeks I am just trying to get by with all of the hats I am wearing while parenting four kids during a global pandemic. Because above all else, creating a stress-free and happy environment for all of us is the most important goal.

See you next week… hopefully by then there will be some paint on the walls!

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2 thoughts on “Gathering Goodies – One Room Challenge Week 4”

  1. The bedding and pillow looks beautiful. Actually it all looks beautiful!
    Are the bedspread and striped pillow from Home Sense? Unfortunately I do not have access to a HomeSense so am hoping you will tell me I can find them somewhere else:)?
    Thanks in advance!

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