Is our family really happy?

Joanna Fowler April 3, 2017 Blog, Family, Parenting, Self

Is our family happy? The honest answer is… no. A least we weren’t for a while there.

Over the past three weeks I was really noticing this common theme in our home of just putting in the time and going through the motions. It wasn’t just me, it was our entire family. We were satisfied-ish, but not joy-filled.

mom on sofa with kids

I knew the winter had been too long and not planning a vacation was a big mistake, not to mention our house was piling up with clutter, and Mike and I just couldn’t seem to dig ourselves out.

We just felt stuck.

I had found some tricks to keep my head above water while we waited for the warmer weather, but there wasn’t a sparkle in any of our eyes.

I was starting to lose hope just as the clouds parted this past weekend. That little warm up was enough to wake everyone up.

kids playing outside

On Saturday Mike and I finally conquered our nemesis… the basement. We dug and we dug until we could breathe again. Multiple trips to the dump and dropping off donations later, we are able to see our home again.

On Sunday we practically lived outside with our kids. Bike rides, side walk chalk and backyard play filled the hours.

As our kids rode their bicycles and tricycles around our street again and again, I beamed as I kept hearing spontaneous laughter come from our twin toddlers.

It was the best, and exactly what we all needed.

I write this as Monday is coming to a close. I am exhausted, but very, very happy. I blasted through my to-do list which somehow felt a lot easier today. toddlers reading

There has been a shift, and instead of sinking back into the gloom as the rain expected tomorrow arrives, I am going to keep this momentum going.

You can catch up on our past week and our happiness journey in our recent vlogs.

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